LNC Spring Internship Program

The Libertarian National Committee is now accepting applications for our spring internship program. Primarily, the program is focused on expanding communication between the national office, party members, and potential members. This is accomplished by addressing questions about the party platform, participating in grassroots events, and online activism. In addition, interns assist with fundraising, blog writing, research, and administrative tasks.

California Libertarian creates the "American Dream"

California Libertarian, Tad Lumpkin, recently appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano for a video he recently created.

American Dream is a cartoon film about our monetary system and disastrous consequences of the Federal Reserve and a central banking system. On Freedom Watch, Lumpkin explains that his reason for creating this cartoon was to engage people in a topic that is otherwise difficult to understand while simultaneously bringing people together under the ideas of liberty and freedom.

Are TSA procedures really making us safer? - by Judge Jim Gray

Are TSA procedures really making us safer? - by Judge Jim Gray

Last year, thousands and thousands of Americans at the airport lost at least 30 minutes of their lifetimes by standing in longer lines and complying with all of the TSA's increasingly laborious, invasive and time-consuming restrictions.

LP Monday Message: Republicans jack up government spending

December 13, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I'm sure you've seen the media reports of how President Obama and the Republicans are making deals for big increases in government spending (while keeping tax rates very high). Ethanol subsidies, more unfunded unemployment spending, etc.

Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship Program

Every year, the Institute for Humane Studies Fellowship Program awards students who engage in liberty- advancing research or work to promote liberty in their academics.

Fellowships are open to graduate students whose research and career goals focus on liberty- advancing subjects. Fellowships are also given to exceptional junior and senior undergraduates who currently participate in liberty- related activities and who plan on pursuing a career in academia.
Fellowships range anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000; last year, IHS awarded 180 fellowships totaling more than $650,000.

Libertarian Party turns 39 today

The Libertarian Party turns 39 today. We wish LP founder David Nolan were alive for this birthday.

Some Libertarian Party leadership has talked about the possibility of a major 40th birthday celebration next year in Washington, D.C. No plans have been made, but you might mark your calendar just in case.

You can find more on our Party's history here:

Shall we hire video producer Travis Irvine?

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We have a unique opportunity to reach out to younger prospects and recruit them to the Libertarian Party.

Help us raise $50,000 by making a donation today.

Travis Irvine recently ran for Congress in Ohio, and along with his campaign crew, generated videos that entertained and educated Libertarians and others nationwide.

You have probably seen some of them featured on our home page.

Libertarian Councilman Doug Burlison stands up for medical marijuana

Libertarian Councilman Doug Burlison has teamed up with his colleague Dan Chiles to educate the citizens of Springield, MO on the facts surrounding medical marijuana use. They have planned an event which will include an expert panel discussion and a screening of the film “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?”

More information can be found in the press release below:

Libertarian councilman proposes removing TSA from airport

from the Indiana LP

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Ed Coleman (L) has introduced a proposal to refuse further service from the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) at the Indianapolis airport. The airport could then hire its own security, or contract it out to a private firm.

The City-Council can recommend this change to the Indianapolis Airport Authority, an independent municipal corporation. Read the text of Proposal 337, 2010 by clicking here.

FCC Should Remain Neutral on Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski, released a statement on December 1st addressing the issue of net neutrality.  The FCC has proposed several regulations that would stop internet service providers from blocking or promoting any website over another. Essentially, internet users will be able to search any website they want without discretion from broadband companies. This proposal is set for a vote on December 21st, and if passed, the FCC will be able to regulate “net neutrality.”


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