Openly gay libertarian candidate issues statement on Orlando shooting

Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons
Libertarian for U.S. House

Cato: Don’t not vote

ImageFrom Jim Harper of the Cato Institute on May 23:

“Voting does more than elect candidates.

“Votes are a dazzling roman candle of information supplied to elected officials, their staffs, political parties, journalists, opinion leaders, and future candidates, to name a few. All these witnesses to elections incorporate vote information — not just outcome, but win/loss margins — into their actions and assessments well beyond election and inauguration day.

U.S. News: The year of the Libertarian

ImageFrom U.S. News & World Report online on June 10:

Member of Del Mar, California school board changes parties from Republican to Libertarian

Scott Wooden
Scott Wooden

Scott Wooden, who was elected to the Del Mar Unified District School Board in California in 2014, chaged his registration from Republican to Libertarian on June 8.

Washington Times: Gary Johnson sets sights on 15 percent in polls, crucial spot on debate stage

From the Washington Times on June 8:

“With an electorate totally disenchanted with the two major parties’ offerings, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson has a unique chance to make a splash this year — and he’s determined to do things differently than in his 2012 campaign.

“Gone are the low-yield interviews with ‘internet radio’ shows, and Mr. Johnson also says he’ll probably skip out on trolling the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld to appear on CBS Late Show Thursday

ImageLibertarian Party 2016 presidential and vice-presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will appear on the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert on CBS television, Thursday evening, June 9 at 11:30 ET.

Click here for more information.


Indiana GOP county chair steps down to join Libertarians

John Pickerill
John Pickerill

From WTHR-TV in Indiana:

“Montgomery County Republicans will have to look for a new party chairman.

“John Pickerill stepped down from his position Thursday to join the Libertarian Party.

Stossel: No, not Trump or Clinton. Voters really do have another choice

ImageJohn Stossel had an opinion piece on Fox News on June 8:

“Finally! Voters have another choice. The Libertarian Party nominated two socially tolerant but fiscally conservative former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld....

West Virginia Libertarian city council member elected Mayor

Joel Davis
Joel Davis

Joel Davis, a member of the Paden City Council in West Virginia, was elected Mayor on June 2.

Mr. Davis received over 70 percent of the votes, with 225 votes to his competitor's 96.

The seat carries a term of two years.

Fox News: Gary Johnson on immigration, domestic and foreign policy

Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Gary Johnson was interviewed on Fox News on June 6, particularly on the issues of immigration, and domestic and foreign policy.


Click here to watch the interview.


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