Obama loses YET ANOTHER Cabinet nominee

Commerce Secretary nominee Judd Gregg, a U.S. Senator from New Hampshire, has withdrawn his name from consideration for the post.

Citing the Obama administration's proposal to take the Census (which determines House representation) out of the hands of the Commerce Department and give it to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, as well as the out-of-control costs of Barack Obama's $1.1 trillion "stimulus plan" and $9.7 trillion total costs in proposed bailouts, increased spending and welfare transfers, Gregg informed the White House he was no longer interested in serving.

Paul: Freedom From Government

Congressman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - February 9, 2009

Rahm is Right

And you won't hear me say that very often.  But there is a reason I've somewhat liked the guy all these years.  In this case, it's his nailing to the wall of Republicans who suddenly find themselves concerned with growing federal budgets and deepening deficits -- after eight years of doing more of that than any previous Democrat administration or Congress.

Here's Emanuel, speaking with NBC's David Gregory on Meet The Press Sunday:

Barr: Stimulus bill just pork in new disguise

From Congressman Barr's Atlanta Journal-Constitution guest column today.  Read the entire column here.

Brother Barack's Traveling Redistribution Show

Pundit Michelle Malkin takes on President Obama's Fort Meyers town hall/Big Government revival meeting in a Tuesday posting on Hot Air, which differed from past town halls in that instead of the president taking questions from the public, the White House put together a massive "jump on Santa's lap" session for the national media. 

Obama gives bailout details, market plunges 382 points

From The Washington Post:

Stock markets fell sharply today as the Obama administration detailed its plans for a rescue of the financial system and a long-awaited fiscal stimulus package passed in the Senate.

The blue chip Dow Jones industrial plummeted following a speech by Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner in which he detailed the administration's plan to commit up to $1.5 trillion in public and private funds.

Obama "stimulus" includes federal control of doctor decisions

Betsy McCaughey of Bloomberg reports on a little-known provision in Obama's $1.1 trillion package of welfare transfers and expanded government, a new federal bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. that tracks your health information and can order your doctor to stop treating you:

Obama proposes $9.7 TRILLION in new spending...and rising

Bloomberg financial news reports Monday the current price tag for the array of bailout, welfare transfers and new spending is reaching an astronomical $9.7 trillion.  $700 billion of that is the first Troubled Asset Relief Program pushed by the previous Republican White House.

Russell Roberts on the failed history of "stimulus packages"

When Barack Obama pointed last night to the stimulus packages passed by the Japanese during their 1990s recession, I had to guffaw because they simply didn't work.  Trillions of dollars were spent on explosive government growth that did little to nothing to spur economic recovery, though it did sink the nation into crippling debt.

Russell Roberts, writing for Cafe Hayek, lays out the Japanese experiment.  Click on the link to read it for yourself, the take-home lesson is this:

CBO: Economic slump will end mid-2009

The non-partisan Congression Budget Office reports the current economic slump will end sometime around mid-2009.

Keep in mind Obama himself admits any effect he thinks his government expansion will have on the economy won't take place until 2010 -- well after the slump will end anyway.


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