Times: Obama polling one point shy of being least popular president in 40 years

Today's Washington Times featured an editorial exposing one aspect of Barack Obama's poll numbers the mainstream media gloss over -- his startling unpopularity:

President Obama's media cheerleaders are hailing how loved he is. But at the 100-day mark of his presidency, Mr. Obama is the second-least-popular president in 40 years.

A Libertarian needs your help, and you don't even need to leave your home

Dear friend,

It may be a slow election year but there are still some exciting races happening across the country…and you can help without even leaving your home! 

Specifically, I want to bring to your attention the special election for California’s 32nd congressional district where Libertarian Christopher Agrella is running.

The primary is on May 19th and the general election on July 14th and we are looking for volunteers all across the nation to help support Chris’ campaign.

Obama repeals "onerous" regulations. Just not for you.

Your Monday Message from the Libertarian Party:

Dear friend,

Great news!  Obama is repealing “onerous” federal regulations!

Unfortunately he’s not repealing any of the hundreds of thousands of federal regulations making it harder to start, expand or keep a business.

Instead – in a payoff to his union boss campaign financiers – Obama repealed pro-transparency regulations requiring union bosses to report more information about their finances and compensation.

Black journalist condemns Obama's "sin against our children"

Juan Williams, an Emmy Award-winning black liberal journalist who openly wept with joy during Barack Obama's inauguration, is now seething with anger after the president terminated D.C.'s "Opportunity Scholarship Program" that would have allowed poor black children to attend the same distinguished schools as his daughters - calling greater choice in education "the key civil rights issue of this generation."

Texas Libertarian staff quash forced primary bill

Texas Libertarian Party officials successfully stopped a bill in the State Legislature that would have forced Libertarians to nominate their candidates at both taxpayer and greater party expense.

Cato study: Bailouts are billion-dollar bandages, not viable treatment

Financial and legal expert Vern McKinley, in research for the Cato Institute, diagnoses the illness plaguing America's financial sector and prescribes a treatment that will get the economy growing again -- economic liberty and a return to the free markets that have been progressively abandoned over history.

He writes, in part:

My Internship at the Libertarian National Committee

My Internship at the Libertarian National Committee
Irena Schneider
President of American University Students for Liberty

It’s hard to imagine that after three months, my time at the Libertarian Party is coming to a close. As all kinds of final moments necessitate some time for reflection, I can think of the many tasks I’ve taken on and wonder what kind of palpable impact I may have had in the political arena. What was my stake in this wonderfully freedom-loving, persevering party?

"Most ethical Congress?": Pelosi tries to deep-six "cash for earmarks" probe

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are warning Democrat members of Congress not to support a measure by Rep. Jeff Flake to investigate ties between key Democrats and a controversial defense lobbying firm, The Hill reports today.

AP slams Obama's budget "cuts"

According to analysis published today by the Associated Press, "Obama's latest budget-tightening effort hardly makes a dime's worth of differenc."

In a toughly-worded article, AP writers Andrew Taylor and Calvin Woodward take Obama to task for asking his Cabinet to find $100 million in budget savings -- much of it in already-proposed ideas -- and passing it off as fiscal responsibility.

Monday Message: LP's budget reforms outperfom Obama's 32.7 cent dog-and-pony show

Dear friend,

Did you hear?  Obama’s cutting the budget!

Unfortunately, it’s only $100 million, which comes out to 0.0027 percent of the $3.6 trillion in spending he is imposing on current and future taxpayers.  Much of it is simply things like buying office supplies in bulk, or one-time cuts that do nothing to cure long-term spending problems.


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