Portland Oregonian: Americans mixed on Obama's big government gamble

Portland Oregonian columnist Elizabeth Hovde writes today about rising skepticism of Obama's lurch to the left.  She extensively quotes yesterday's Libertarian Party press release on polling showing political independents aren't buying into Obama's Big Government rhetoric.

Your Monday Message: Independents not buying Obama's rhetoric

     Dear friend,

      Not only is Libertarian Party membership growing, new polls show there are millions more potential Libertarians out there.

      One poll released this morning by Rasmussen shows, despite a deep financial crisis and the election of a left-wing president since they last asked in 2006, political independents still see “big government” as a greater threat than “big business” by a two-to-one margin.

LP lobbying pays off: WV gov signs ballot access reform

Libertarian Party Chairman Bill Redpath, and the West Virginia Libertarian Party, lobbied extensively in Charleston to secure passage of a bill cutting in half the number of signatures a newer party candidate would need to get on the ballot, and giving parties a reasonable amount of time to get the signatures.

White House reveals deficit to be 4X the record as Obama promises prove empty

The Congressional Budget Office and other economic experts warned Barack Obama's economic performance predictions were miles off the mark, and his wild spending would saddle an already-weakened economy with crippling deficits.

Well, they were right on both points, and your children and grandchildren will pay a painful price as Obama deficits stunt job growth, cripple the dollar and send taxes spiraling upwards.  The AP reports:

SUPRYNOWICZ: Obama 'bitterly clinging' to his fake gun numbers

Vin Suprynowicz, author and noted libertarian columnist for the Las Vegas's daily newspaper, the Review-Journal, picks up on the Libertarian Party's call-out of Barack Obama over his misrepresentation of firearms statistics.

John Monds is the most-followed Georgia governor candidate on Twitter. Keep it that way!

Libertarian John Monds, who won over 1 million votes in his 2008 race for Public Service Commission, is the most-followed candidate for Georgia governor on Twitter.

Keep it that way!  Follow John at

And while you're at it, don't forget to follow the Libertarian Party at

For Katie Brickell, government-run health care was a death sentence

Dear friend,
Cervical cancer ran in Katie Brickell’s family, so she tried to get a routine pap test.  That’s no problem here in the United States, but Britain’s National Health Service refused the procedure because she was only 23.
Finally, after three requests, the government-run health care system finally allowed Katie to get a pap test.  The results were tragic.

LP Progress Report: Membership growing, fundraising beating trends

Your Libertarian Party is heading in a winning direction.

New membership and revenue numbers are in for 2009.  While the weaker economy and the traditional post-presidential slump have hit all parties hard, the Libertarian Party is not only beating revenue projections, but membership is growing as well.

Will: Obama's auto takeover another exercise in government futility

In today's Washington Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will picks apart Barack Obama's futile plan to resurrect the American auto industry -- by placing it in the fumbling iron grip of the very government and unions that drove it into bankruptcy.


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