Government-run care means long waits, less innovation

Libertarian award-winning journalist John Stossel wants Americans to know one thing -- government-run health care means waiting in line for less advanced care.

In nations with government-run systems like the one proposed by Obama, citizens must register with the government just to be put on a waiting list for routine care like dentist visits.

Monds debuts new website

John Monds, the Libertarian candidate for Georgia governor, has a new and improved website at

Monds is running for governor because, like most Georgians, he wants to cut taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, improve local schools and get traffic moving again.

Why not head over to, take a look at let John know what you think by filling out the contact form?

Murphy to hold health care town hall, Aug. 8

Democrat Congressman Scott Murphy, representing New York's 20th Congressional District (Kinderhook/Glen Falls/Saratoga Springs) will hold a "town hall meeting" Aug. 8 on the proposed government takeover of health care.

Libertarians urge concerned citizens to ask Congressman Murphy if he will agree to vote "no" on any health care reform bill he has not personally read in its entirety.

Libertarian Party of Ohio Announces 2010 Candidates

Message from the Libertarian Party of Ohio

Obama's government-run health care is a pain. Literally.

Nationally-noted commentator Matthew Vadum, writing for The American Spectator, draws our attention to this article from London's Daily Telegraph, which you can reasonably expect to become a common occurance here in America under Barack Obama's proposed goverment takeover of health care.


A previous blog posting by an LP staffer may have given some the impression a reporter for the Politico newspaper had claimed a controversial current issue was being promoted by the Libertarian Party.  He did not.

The reporter was referring to activists associated with websites unrelated to the Libertarian Party.  He was not referring to the Libertarian Party, nor disparaging those who self-identify as libertarians.

"If they can't administer a program like this, I'd be a little concerned about my health insurance"

The Obama administration's much-ballyhood "cash for clunkers" program, which makes new car ownership a welfare entitlement by offering Americans money to buy new fuel-efficient cars in exhange for certain older, less efficient model, will be suspended at midnight after higher-than-expected demand tapped out its funds.

Libertarian councilman fights for those he serves

Councilman Mark Byrne, a Libertarian running for re-election to the Port Huron, Mich. city council, laid out his pro-jobs, pro-tax relief, pro-fiscal responsibilty agenda for voters at a July 29 candidate forum.

Counciman Byrne said he would like to see the decrease and, potentially, elimination of city's property tax, which would increase the number of businesses in Port Huron and offer more jobs for citizens.

In interviews with the Port Huron Times Herald, Libertarian Councilman Byrne also shared his views on:

New LP Executive Director, Wes Benedict, Asking For Help

From the desk of Wes Benedict:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am excited and honored to have been hired as the new Executive Director of the Libertarian Party at our headquarters in Washington, DC.

Q&A: Libertarian Gwendolyn "Wendy" Jones

The Wilmington News Journal sat down for a question and answer session with Wendy Jones, the Libertarian nominee for state senate in an Aug. 3 special election.  Wendy shares with voters how Libertarians will cut taxes, create jobs, fight crime, protect personal freedoms and improve our schools.

Click here to learn more about Libertarian Wendy Jones.  Her campaign website is here.


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