Libertarian councilman's tax repeal on agenda tonight

The Lago Vista, Texas City Council will consider tonight an item by Councilman Pat Dixon to repeal the city's tourist tax.  Dixon is also chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas and is also a member of the Libertarian National Committee.

Dixon's agenda item repeals the city's hotel occupancy tax.  Under the tax, any business offering overnight lodging, particularly hotels and motels, are forced to increase the prices they charge customers, so the government can confiscate the money and then use it to promote the business.

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Tea Parties were "despicable" and "shameful"

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) blasted millions of Americans yesterday, labeling the Libertarian Party-inspired "Tax Day Boston Tea Party" movement "despicable" and a "shameful political stunt."

According to Schakowsky, the millions of angry Americans coming out to oppose higher taxes and spending were all part of a conspiracy and acting on secret orders from businesses, lobbyists and Fox News.  Schakowsky is an advocate of higher taxes, bigger government and the nationalization of health care.

Obama is "unaware of tea parties?" Send him a message he can't ignore!

Dear friend,

Call it “arrogance you can believe in.”

Millions of Libertarian and other advocates of economic liberty are gathered in thousands of parks, town squares and plazas across America to send one clear message – taxes, spending, deficits and bailouts are out of control.

And yet Barack Obama says he’s “unaware of tea parties” – even though there is one happening right now across the street from the White House!

Abolish the IRS, ban bailouts: The Libertarian Party Prosperity Plan

The Libertarian Prosperity Plan can be read and downloaded at and  The Plan would:


Don't forget to bring copies of the Libertarian Party Prosperity Plan to abolish the IRS, end the income tax, balance the budget and outlaw bailouts:

Below is a list of just a few of the Tea Parties, from Libertarian Party affiliates:

Missouri offically gets another elected Libertarian

Grandview City Councilman-Elect Mike Ferguson became Grandview City Councilman Mike Ferguson as the Libertarian Party activist was officially sworn into office Tuesday evening.

Ferguson, already honored by the Missouri General Assembly, plans to focus on attacting new businesses to Grandview, improving local traffic flow and aggressively promoting the city's positive image and achievements.

Just in time for Tea: Get the "Libertarian Party Prosperity Plan" here!

The Libertarian Party is America's only party that believes in lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom -- and now you can share it with your friends and neighbors in writing.

Rooted in the Libertarian Party Platform and drawing on research from several libertarian think tanks, the "Libertarian Party Prosperity Plan" unveiled today is a common sense legislative agenda calling for an end to the income tax, abolishing the IRS, adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment that cuts spending instead of borrowing or raising taxes and a prohibition on corporate welfare and bailouts.

The lights are on, but nobody's home.

The Obama administration, convinced that lightbulbs and other uses of energy are destroying the planet, is considering imposing $646 billion in new "light switch" taxes on Americans to drive up utility bills and force people to use less electricity.  The American Council for Capital Formation, using the Energy Department's own forecasting models, finds so-called "cap and trade" legislation will not only increase the price of electrity by as much as 129% by 2030, but eliminate between three and four million jobs by 2030.

Income Tax is Voluntary says Harry Reid, Tea Parties Cancelled!

    Citizens across America rejoiced on hearing the news that the income tax is voluntary. We have it straight from the mouth of one of our elected representatives. Senator Harry Reid in this short clip describes our tax system as a voluntary system. I’m sure that’s a relief for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who may not have filed their taxes yet. If you were thinking about going to a Tea Party this coming Wednesday, I guess you can stay home.


You are cordially invited to a Tea Party...

On April 15, millions of libertarians will gather across the country to voice their opposition to the out-of-control spending and taxation started by the Bush administration and carried on by Obama.

The Libertarian Party cordially invites all freedom-loving Americans to join those libertarians, and all advocates of economic freedom, at a "Tea Party" near them.  Below you will find just a few of the thousands of Tea Parties being held nationwide on April 15.


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