Oregon Libertarians score two special election victories

Good news from Oregon.  In the May 19 special election, two Libertarian candidates were elected to office.

Mark Delphine was elected to the Mountain View Middle School Local School Committee, Position 1; and Greg Rohde was elected to the Elmonica Elementary School Local School Committee, Position 1.  Mark is the Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, and Greg is serving his third consecutive in said position.

Washington Times: Stimulus isn't working

From the Tuesday Washington Times editorial, which clearly states what Libertarians have said since Obama revealed the details of his government spending explosion -- his "stimulus" won't create jobs, it will only destroy them and delay our eventual recovery.

You may read the entire editorial by clicking here:

Equal Rights for All… or Just Some?

by: Matt O’Brien

LP National Intern

University of New Orleans Political Science Major

Value Added Tax on the horizon...

Value Added Tax (VAT) on the table
By: Daniel Murdock

Libertarian Party Intern

BYU Graduate

Stock Photo Drive is a Huge Success!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have I said, thank you?

    You’re the best, you really are! Maybe the stock market bounce yesterday got everyone in a good mood, because the stock photo drive was a resounding success! I received many wonderful pictures that I will definitely be able to use in videos, pamphlets, flyers, and other promotional materials. I can’t wait to get to work on these photos.

LA Times: Children achieving more in schools freed of government oversight

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at the American Indian Public Charter and its two sibling schools, independent charter government schools, are outperforming schools that operate under government supervision.

It's an eye-opening look into what education reform -- a top Libertarian issue and one championed by Nobe Prize-winning libertarian economist Milton Friedman -- can achieve.  The Times reports, in part:

Republican Senators neuter Federal Reserve Transparency bill

    It’s time to pick sides…

    While the world watches Susan Boyle lose the top prize and cowers in the wake of the dreaded swine flu, the world financial crisis deepens and worsens. The American people are slowly waking up to fiscal realities as our iconic car dealerships and banking establishments flounder in an ocean of red ink. Everywhere we turn something else blows up, and we can’t seem to find a bottom to the stock market. Prices seem inflated much beyond what government measurements are reporting.

The Obama Motor Co.

Today's Wall Street Journal editorial.  You may read it in its entirety here or by picking up a copy of the Journal.

Commonsensical Deregulation in Credit Markets

Commonsensical Deregulation in Credit Markets
by:  Paul Ghayad
Economics and Philosophy Major at George Washington University
Libertarian National Committee Intern
            Common sense has eluded Congress once again, as well as all sense of personal responsibility

Your (Belated) Monday Message: Alan Grayson's latest "Mickey Mouse" idea

Dear friend,

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day holiday, but should vacation be enforced by the government?

You may remember Congressman Alan Grayson as the camera-loving Florida Democrat who became a YouTube sensation after he was hammered in a nationally-televised interview for proposing a bill giving Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sole power to decide for himself when private sector employees earned “unreasonable” paychecks and to confiscate the money -- and claiming such authority could be found in the Constitution.


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