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Majorities of voters agree Obama's plan to explode the size and cost of government will delay eventual economic recovery, but Libertarians are looking forward to electing a pro-growth president in 2012 and restoring our economy.

For those who would like to count down with us, we have provided a Mac Widget for Dashboard to countdown the Obama Presidency.


Polls: Obama approval rate average, disapproval rate high

The media love to trumpet Barack Obama's approval ratings of 63 percent, but there's something they don't like telling you -- based on the approval ratings of every elected president since Nixon, Barack Obama is disappointingly average.

In fact, the only president with a higher approval rating at this point in his term was...Jimmy Carter.  Ouch. 

Your Monday Message

Dear friend,

Backed by a growing swing vote that decides elections and support for its economic plans, the Libertarian Party is not an “alternative” political party.

“Alternative” implies something outside the mainstream or an unconventional choice.  The Libertarian Party, with its sensible balance of fiscal responsibility and social moderation, is, in fact, the nation’s only mainstream political party.

Book review: "Recarving Rushmore"

Abraham Lincoln, Bad President. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bad President.  Andrew Jackson: Bad President. Bill Clinton, Average President. John Tyler: Good President?!

What’s going on here?

KC Star: Will 'bailout mania' open door for LP?

The Kansas City Star newspaper today points readers to a blog entry from blogger Nick Sloan, asking "Will bailout-mania open door for Libertarians?"

Lotterman: GOP late to party on fiscal responsibility

The next time one of your Republican friends complains about Obama's spending, point him to this St. Paul Pioneer Press column by economist Edward Lotterman.  Republicans can talk about how they're "small government" and "fiscally responsible", but history says they're virtually indistinguishable from Democrats.

'Mr. Obama, give back my wallet'

A tip of the hat goes to Andrew Roth at The Club for Growth for pointing me to this, from Arnold Kling at the :

"It seems likely to me that more people oppose the auto bailout than support it, more people oppose the housing bailout than support it, more people oppose the stimulus than support it, and more people oppose the bank bailout than support it.

LSLA, LNC to meet in Charleston, S.C. - You're invited to join us!


The Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (formerly LP State Chairs) will be holding its annual conference from February 27 to March 1, 2009, in Charleston, SC – and you don’t have to be a state chair to attend.  The conference is open to anyone who has an interest in the future and direction of the Libertarian Party.

Indianapolis councilman switches from GOP to LP

Ed Coleman, a member of the City-County Council of Indianapolis and Marion County, announced Tuesday he has switched his party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian.

"Both of the old two parties have forgotten their ties to the common man, and instead focus on power and control as elitists. I am a common man, I campaigned for the common people, and I still represent the common people; the voters and taxpayers," said Coleman in a statement released Monday by the Marion County LP.

Polling on 'porkulus': It's no change, and Americans aren't believing in it.

As more polling numbers roll in, it's not looking any better for the Obama administration.

Despite Friday's passage of the president's package of wealth transfers and expanded spending, Rasmussen reports today only 38 percent of voters think it will help the economy.  That means faith in the $1.1 trillion Obama spending bill measures at the roughly same percentage as that of Americans who believe in ghosts and astrology.


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