Mocha-flavored capitalism

When Starbucks announced that it was shutting the doors on 600 stores across the United States, American coffee-drinkers took a second while sipping on their caramel macchiatos and skinny mocha lattes to reflect upon a very real manifestation of our current economic woes.  For many, a cup of coffee that now cost as much as a gallon of gas was a luxury needing to be sacrificed, and enough people made this same decision to warrant the closure of 8.5 percent their stores nationwide.

A July 4th Message

Dear Libertarian Patriot:

Differences in Denver

Libertarian National Convention in Denver

Democratic National Convention in Denver

Call talk radio!

From the Libertarian Party's Volunteer Coordinator, Austin Petersen:

“They said that there were only about two or three dozen spammers out there, and it looks like there’s a lot more," said Texas Congressman Ron Paul in a speech to 5,000 people in Philadelphia.

Republican Gun-Grabbers

McCain's tepid relationship with the NRA hasn't always been as smooth as McCain has tried to make it seem on the 2008 campaign trail.  Today's ruling on Heller and the response from McCain almost seems laughable given the tongue-lashing McCain has received in the past from gun rights advocates. 

LP on the ballot in Nebraska

Libertarian Party Gains Ballot Access in Cornhusker State

‘Party of Principle’ Gives Voice to Nebraskans' Call for More Choice

LNC amicus for Heller

The Supreme Court is now in the process of deciding Heller v.

Third anniversary of Kelo

Barr rises on Digg home page

For those that followed the campaign of Ron Paul, it became routine that any story about Paul or the campaign would soar to the top of of the leading sites for news and information in the online community.  Now, it appears Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party's nominee for president, may also be heading in that same direction. 

In less than 24 hours after this article was posted to the Huffington Post, it became one of the top 10 stories on Digg.

This is an exciting development for the Barr campaign and the Libertarian Party because it indicates that Barr may be capitalizing on some of the same forces that made a Texas congressman, "Ron Paul." 

Barr takes FISA supporters to task

Courtesy of the Barr '08 YouTube channel:


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