Most - and least - bang for your buck

David Nolan cactusHow do we Libertarians most effectively allocate our limited resources? Suppose you have $100 to contribute to aiding the cause of liberty. How should you spend that $100? One obvious answer is to donate it to the Libertarian Party – at the national, state or local level.  Another is to contribute to the campaigns of Libertarian candidates you particularly favor.  All of those options make sense.

Want to intern for the Libertarian National Headquarters in D.C?

The Libertarian National Committee is now accepting applications for our Fall 2010 internship program.

The program will run from early September until November 30th. Interns will be required to work 16 hours a week at a rate of $8.25 an hour. If requested, interns enrolled in a post-secondary institution can receive university credit.

We are looking to recruit students from a variety of fields. Primarily, we are looking for students with experience in any of the following fields, journalism, communications, political science, economics, and philosophy.

Libertarians at State Fairs

It is State Fair time in the Midwest and the Libertarian Party has quite a presence at these events.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio has a booth at the Ohio State Fair through August 8th.

The Libertarian Party of Missouri has a booth at the Missouri State Fair from August 11th through August 22nd.  Click here to see a YouTube clip of the Missouri Libertarians in action at their State Fair booth in 2008.

Libertarian Party Of Nebraska turns in 8,000 signatures

from the Libertarian Party of Nebraska


August 2, 2010

Contact: Gene Siadek, State Chair

Libertarian Party Of Nebraska turns in 8,000 signatures
Signatures Gained from all Three Congressional Districts and 78 Counties
Expected to Put Libertarians Back on the Ballot in the Cornhusker State

LINCOLN – August 2, 2010—Libertarian Party of Nebraska (LPNE) State Chairman Gene Siadek issued the following statement:

LP Monday Message: On civil liberties, Obama is worse than Bush

August 2, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Last week it was reported that the Obama Administration wants to give the FBI power to force internet companies to reveal information about their users' internet activities: things like who they send email to, times and dates of emails, and maybe also information about their web browser activity.

Even worse, they want the FBI to be able to demand this information without a warrant!

How the city politicians of Bell, CA conned the low income taxpayers to unwittingly pay for their huge salaries

"The outrageous story of the hapless city of Bell, California is now widely known across the nation.  A group of city politicians led by City Manager Rizzo allegedly colluded to pay themselves obscene salaries in a poor city of under 40,000 residents. 

The disgraced city manager has resigned, losing his $790,000 salary.  But not to worry -- he'll get by okay."

Read the rest of the Richard Rider's Blog at:

Memorial Services for Libertarian Fred Childress

Many Libertarians throughout the U.S. have noted the recent death of Libertarian Fred Childress. Fred Childress was a friend to many Libertarians and a co-founder of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance.

From the Tennessee Liberty Alliance:

Nolan for U.S. Senate gets more media coverage

In the past two days, my Arizona campaign for U.S. Senate has received coverage from two additional news media. First, an interview by Jesse Mathewson at, and then another interview by James Burns on American Freedom Radio.  Both went well, and each provided an opportunity to spread libertarian ideas to the American people.

Islamic Cultural Center and the Heckler’s Veto

Tea Party Fave Looks Increasingly Loopy

When ultra-right Republican Sharron Angle won the GOP primary in Nevada on June 8, a number of Tea Party types were crowing about it, and heralding her victory as a harbinger of things to come. Even some libertarians, who should know better, were proclaiming Angle's victory as “proof” that liberty lovers should work within the GOP to achieve Freedom in Our Time, or at least nudge us in that direction.


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