Capital Freedom dissects the AIG issue

Libertarian economic blogger Meredith Jones points out the real source of greed in the AIG bonus hubbub -- government interference in the market.  Had government stayed out, AIG would have simply declared bankruptcy, restructured its business, righted itself and the court would not have allowed the bonuses to be paid.  But once government arrived with mountains of taxpayer cash, executives simply helped themselves to your money, citing their contracts with AIG.

Why government should stay out of the business of business

Remember last year when the automakers came crawling to Congress for a taxpayer-funded bailout, and lawmakers demanded they be forced to make more hybrid cars because that's what people want?

Well, that turns out to be another great example of why Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans are wrong when they tell private businesses what to sell.

And if American automakers do go out of business, throwing millions into unemployment, it will be because of government.

Investor confidence in Obama plummeting

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll this morning of the investors responsible for much of the job creation in this country, and it's another resounding vote of no confidence in Barack Obama's plans for crippling taxes on employers.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of investors now say the economy is getting worse.  That's a sharp increase from the 68 percent who said so when Obama was inaugurated.

Ruwart wins 'Book of the Year' award

Author Mary Ruwart's "Healing Our World" was named the winner of's first annual "Book of the Year" award for 2008.

"Ruwart's book is a tremendous achievement," says Jeremy Furbish, who runs Freedom Book Club.  "It shows how we hurt ourselves when we aggress against our neighbors through the guns of government."

You can help put Libertarians on the ballot

Dear friend,

Did you know Oklahoma has the worst ballot access laws in the nation?

The Republican and Democrats have written laws so harsh, it is virtually impossible for voters to have a choice other than one of the two older parties.  Even write-in votes are not allowed!

These laws must be changed, and right now lawmakers are considering a bill in the Oklahoma legislature to do exactly that.

WSJ: Obama driving the economy deeper into failure

Michael Boskin, Stanford University economics professor and former chair of the presidental Council of Economic Advisors writes in today's Wall Street Journal.  Click on the link for the full article:

Barr lays out formula for real recovery, job creation

2008 presidential candidate Bob Barr deconstructs the two "trendy" government-driven models for recovery in his latest column for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Read the entire column here.  He concludes:

Washington Times: WH admits Limbaugh hubbub 'counterproductive'

From The Washington Times Wednesday:

The White House on Wednesday admitted that their public comments about conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh and cable news personalities in recent days has been counterproductive.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that he has been guilty of feeding a public debate about the Obama administration's economic agenda that both the president and his top officials, as well as Mr. Gibbs himself, have been dismissive of...

Six of the top ten Senate 'porkers' are Republican

Taxpayers for Common Sense released a database Monday of the 8,570 earmarks, totaling $7.7 billion, in the FY09 omnibus spending bill.

Remember all that talk last week about Republicans "learning the error of their ways" and promising to embrace fiscal responsibility?  Well, it seems six of the ten biggest recepients of earmarks just happen to be Republicans.


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