California city sues Aaron Starr, the man who wants to repeal sewer rate hikes at the ballot box

Aaron Starr
Aaron Starr

The city of Oxnard, California is heading to court in an attempt to stave off a resident's effort to overturn sewer rate hikes at the ballot box, the city announced Wednesday evening.

LP News February 2016 issue is now online

LP News Feb 2016 issue, front page (image)The February issue of LP News is ready to view online.

Gary Johnson interviewed by the New York Times

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

The New York Times ran a feature story on March 22 on Gary Johnson, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination.

Gary Johnson interviewed by CNBC

Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential nomination, was interviewed on March 19 by CNBC.

"I do believe that the vast majority of the people in this country are libertarian; they just don't know it yet," said Mr. Johnson.

New poll: Who do you want to be the Libertarian presidential nominee?

Who do you want to be the 2016 Libertarian presidential nominee?

Take the new poll now.


Washington Times: Libertarians welcome refugees from GOP and Democratic parties

"'We are friends of refugees — those fleeing war torn countries, those fleeing desperate poverty, and also those fleeing despotic candidates such as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We welcome former Republicans and Democrats who value liberty and justice for all to find a new home in the Libertarian Party,' the organization notes in a public outreach which underscores media claims that angry voters now seek a third party alternative."

The case for electoral politics

By Justin Raimondo

This abridged version of a Nov. 3, 2014, column by Justin Raimondo was reprinted with permission from in the June 2015 issue of LP News (page 11). It applies to all Libertarian issues, not just war.

Why participate in electoral politics?

Huffington Post on Gov. Gary Johnson presidential campaign

Huffington Post Hill editor wrote:

"If you're a Republican who can't stand to vote for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson might be your guy."

"...The way Johnson sees it, there's a "vast middle" of the electorate that would be drawn to his socially liberal, economically conservative platform and turned off by the polarizing figures that are likely to secure the two main parties' nominations."

Reason and Richmond Times: The GOP's Libertarian Party Option

​A column that originally appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and posted at made the case for why the Libertarian Party is ​the anti-Trump ​alternative for Republicans​​​.​

"So revolting do many Republicans find the prospect of having Donald Trump as their nominee that three in 10 say they would not vote for him in November, and some are now speaking openly about leaving the GOP for a third party. An exodus like that could wreck the GOP. But it might be wrecked already. And at least those leaving could look themselves in the mirror...

Virginia LP convention covered on CBS 6 TV

CBS 6 TV news covered the LPVA state convention held in Richmond on March 5, which included a statement by outgoing state chair Bill Redpath. 

“The Libertarian party is the third largest political party in the United States,” said Redpath. “It’s the combination of conservative positions on economic issues and liberal positions on social issues, but there is one core theme: We want to minimize the use of government coercion in society; we want to allow people to live their lives as they choose."


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