‘Majority of Americans are libertarians’ – Gary Johnson to RT

Gary Johnson, a candidate for the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential nomination, was interviewed by RT on April 24.

“Most Americans are libertarians, which means fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but they don't realize there is a party that represents that philosophy, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson told RT America’s Lindsay France. ...

Washington Times: Third party fever - ‘Not too late to run as a Libertarian’

ImageFrom the Washington Times on April 22:

“Wes Benedict, [Executive Director] of the national Libertarian Party, is reminding the politically minded that they can still declare their intent to run for office in 35 states. Filing deadlines for the formal paperwork have not passed in scores of states, ranging from Alabama to Wyoming. ‘It’s not too late to run for office as a Libertarian,’ Mr. Benedict advises.

New Orleans Libertarians cheer progress on bills allowing raw milk, expanding medical marijuana

The New Orleans, Louisiana LP chapter was featured in an article on April 19 in the Mid-City Messenger, an online New Orleans newspaper.

"The New Orleans chapter of the Libertarian party applauded the recent forward movement of two bills in the state Senate that would legalize the sale of raw milk from farmers and expand access to medical marijuana in Louisiana, all while continuing to prepare for their party’s national convention next month.

Libertarian Party Solution: End police militarization

This article was originally published in the Sept. 2015 issue of LP News (page 7).

MinnPost: The appeal of not being Trump or Clinton: a Q&A with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

ImageMinnPost, an online nonprofit newspaper in Minnesota, ran an interview on April 18 with Gary Johnson, a candidate for the 2016 LP Presidential nomination.

Oklahoma LP runs 17 candidates for office, breaking 70-year record

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party, on the ballot for the first time since 2000, has 17 candidates running for office, which includes two candidates for U.S. Senator, two for the U.S. House of Representatives, and 13 for the state legislature.

This is the highest amount of non-establishment party candidates running for the state legislature in 70 years, according to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News.

South Dakota Libertarian elected to city council

Tricia Weathers
Tricia Weathers

Tricia Weathers was elected to the Box Elder, South Dakota city council on April 12. She received 76 votes. Her competitor, Al Levine, obtained 56 votes.

LNC chair speaks at free-market panel in Atlanta, GA

Nicholas Sarwark
Nicholas Sarwark

Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark gave the keynote speech at an event on free markets organized by Liberty America, on April 8 in Atlanta, Georgia.

USA Today: Libertarian leader says time is now for third-party run

From USA Today on April 11:

“While one major presidential candidate waffles on the possibility of a third-party run, another established White House hopeful is prepping for the kind of outsider campaign that at least one poll expert believes could be viable in 2016.

LA Daily News: It’s high time to let the Libertarian presidential candidate debate

In the April 7 issue of the Los Angeles Daily News, the headline, “It’s high time to let the Libertarian presidential candidate debate” appeared. Its author, columnist Susan Shelley, wrote:

“When Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson filed a lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates last September, he couldn’t have known that in April, the Democratic and Republican party frontrunners would have unfavorable ratings of 55 percent and 63 percent, respectively.


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