Stossel: No, not Trump or Clinton. Voters really do have another choice

ImageJohn Stossel had an opinion piece on Fox News on June 8:

“Finally! Voters have another choice. The Libertarian Party nominated two socially tolerant but fiscally conservative former governors, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld....

West Virginia Libertarian city council member elected Mayor

Joel Davis
Joel Davis

Joel Davis, a member of the Paden City Council in West Virginia, was elected Mayor on June 2.

Mr. Davis received over 70 percent of the votes, with 225 votes to his competitor's 96.

The seat carries a term of two years.

Fox News: Gary Johnson on immigration, domestic and foreign policy

Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Gary Johnson was interviewed on Fox News on June 6, particularly on the issues of immigration, and domestic and foreign policy.


Click here to watch the interview.

Newsweek: There is a third way and it’s called Libertarianism

ImageJeffrey Tucker had the following opinion piece published in Newsweek on June 4:

“Last weekend I attended an historic event, the nominating convention of the Libertarian Party. (I spoke but was not a delegate and declared no support for any particular candidate.)

“It was a thrilling, raucous, contentius, fun, serious and, ultimately, an ebullient event filled with high drama and intense argument.

Reason TV: Libertarian Party Chair Sarwark on the LP’s plan for 2016

Chair Sarwark on Reason TV 5-31-16Reason TV’s Matt Welch interviewed LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark on May 31.

Washington Post: The Libertarian Party: So hot right now

ImageFrom the Washington Post on June 4:

“Summer is here, and the season’s hottest trend is . . . Libertarians!

“Largely ignored by the mainstream media for most of the presidential campaign, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson is suddenly racking up headlines in The Washington Post and New York Times and on CNN and NPR.

USA Today: #NeverTrump Republicans have a new choice

ImageFrom an op-ed by David Boaz published in USA Today on June 3:

“Not since the nomination of arch-conservative Barry Goldwater in 1964 have so many Republicans been so dissatisfied with the presumptive nominee of their party....

Forbes: Do Not Dismiss Gary Johnson and the Libertarians

From pollster John Zogby in Forbes Magazine on May 30:

“As of this moment, Johnson is receiving 10%–11% in national polls—about 10 to 11 times the support he received in 2012. While he spent only $2.5 million dollars for his run in 2012, he and the party have chosen Weld, who has raised about a quarter of a billion dollars during his career.

CNN: Don’t fall for ‘lesser of two evils’ argument

ImageRobby Soave wrote this opinion piece that CNN published on its website on June 1:

Washington Post: Gary Johnson takes on Trump’s anti-immigration lies

ImageFrom the Washington Post on May 31:

“One of the most positive results of Libertarian Gary Johnson’s presidential run will be forceful attacks from the right on Donald Trump’s counterproductive and dishonest arguments against immigration reform....


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