Libertarians Working For You show, with Claire Ball and Jason France

ImageThe 11/25/2015 episode of Libertarians Working For You hosted by Arvin Vohra is now available online, with guests Claire Ball, Illinois LP 2016 candidate for Comptroller, and Jason France, 2015 candidate for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education district 6.

Georgia LP candidate in two runoff elections on December 1

Chris Coughlin
Chris Coughlin

In a rare circumstance for any candidate, Chris Coughlin of the Georgia LP is on the ballot for two runoff elections, on the same day.

Serious help needed for Oklahoma petition drive

Get paid $2.50 per signature, or please donate to help pay for signatures, or I'm sorry but we'll have to shut this drive down permanently in about a week.

Ohio LP asks sixth circuit to invalidate ballot access law

ImageOn November 19, the Ohio Libertarian Party filed a notice of appeal to the Sixth Circuit Court, over whether the ballot access laws recently written by the state legislature violate the Ohio Constitution.

The Ohio Constitution states that all recognized parties must nominate by primary, yet the ballot access laws written in 2013 state that new parties cannot nominate by primary.

Recount filed for LP Indiana candidate

Melinda Bradley Mitchell
Melinda Bradley Mitchell

Phil Anderson declares 2016 candidacy for US Senate in Wisconsin

Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson, chair of the Dane County, Wisconsin Libertarian Party, has declared his candidacy for the US Senate seat in Wisconsin in 2016 as a Libertarian.

Libertarians Working For You show, with Sean Haugh and Jordan Hansen

ImageToday's episode (11/18/2015) of Libertarians Working For You hosted by Arvin Vohra on last week's elections is now available online, with guests Sean Haugh, 2016 Libertarian Party candidate for the US Senate in North Carolina, and Jordan Hansen, 2016 Libertarian Party candidate for the state assembly in the 54th district in Wisconsin.

Forbes: Two former Dem, GOP presidential candidates-turned-Libertarian sought end of marijuana prohibition before Bernie Sanders

Forbes Magazine points out that two former presidential candidates, Gov. Gary Johnson, who ran for the Republican nomination, and Sen. Mike Gravel, who ran for the Democratic nomination, both of whom later sought the Libertarian nomination for president, called for ending the marijuana prohibition long before Bernie Sanders’s recent conversion on this issue.

Fall 2015 Libertarian Vote Totals

Below are the vote totals of Libertarian candidates who ran in the fall of 2015, offering hundreds of thousands of Americans an alternative to Big Government. 

Note that in some local races, multiple candidates were on the ballot; voters were permitted to select more than one candidate; and/or more than one candidate was elected.

Want to be part of an army of freedom fighters in 2016 running for office to give Americans a real choice to shrink government and expand liberty? Click here.

Libertarian on Stossel show Sunday at 5pm ET

ImageAustin Petersen, a candidate for the 2016 LP Presidential nomination, will be on the John Stossel show this evening at 9pm ET on FOX Business Network (FBN), to offer commentary on Tuesday's Republican presidential debate.


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