Florida Libertarian Joseph Wendt netted 43% of vote on platform to abolish his office

Joseph Wendt
Joseph Wendt,
LP Florida
2012 Candidate
for Soil & Water
Conservation Board

Libertarian Rob Sarvis advocates ending police militarization, drug war in VA gubernatorial campaign

Rob Sarvis
Rob Sarvis,
LP Virginia
Candidate for Governor

Libertarian Party: Kill CISPA and repeal Patriot Act, NDAA

Stop CISPARepublican and Democratic politicians are once again attacking Internet freedom and Americans’ privacy rights. This time, it's the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

Overwhelming majority of Libertarians reject revenue-neutral tax proposals in poll

Only 7% support “Fair Tax” proposal

Tax message to politicians and pundits: “It’s the high government spending, stupid!”

High government spending is the cause. High taxes are the effects.

Cutting government spending is the only way to make taxes lower.

We must dramatically reduce government spending to dramatically reduce taxes.

James Carville, Clinton for President Campaign guru, coined this campaign mantra: "It's the economy, stupid." In the same vein, Libertarians say, "It's high government spending, stupid!"

Kansas Libertarians Ogle and Coen garner impressive vote totals in city elections

Michael Ogle wins 32% of vote in run for Topeka mayor

Malterer for city council seeks cuts in business permitting, property taxes

Election result update!

On April 9, Michael Malterer came within 59 votes of winning a seat on the New Port Richey City Council. He finished sixth out of seven contestants, with the second through sixth place candidates within 3% points of each other (12.1-15.1% of vote each).

Vote now to express your view: Is proposing a NEW tax ever justified?

Should Libertarians never, ever even think of proposing a new tax?

Or might a new tax proposal be justified under certain circumstances?

Is there always a better alternative to raising taxes — like cutting government spending?

Click here to vote. Pick the choice that best fits your view.

Register today for LSLA conference May 17-19 in Aurora, Colorado

LSLAThe Libertarian State Leadership Alliance invites you to participate in this year's annual LSLA conference, held in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Colorado's state convention. Both events will take place at the Doubletree in Aurora, May 17–19, 2013.

Highlights of the upcoming conference include:


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