New York Times: Libertarian Gary Johnson Polls at 10 Percent. Who Are His Supporters?

ImageFrom the New York Times on September 4:

"Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, may be on track to win more votes than any third-party candidate in 20 years, if current polling holds up.

Politico: Libertarian VP nominee - Debate commission could lose tax exempt status by excluding us

ImageFrom Politico on September 2:

"The Libertarian nominee for vice president of the United States is warning that the Commission on Presidential Debates could lose its tax-exempt status if the Libertarian ticket is excluded from the debate stage.

Arizona Republic: The smart money's on Gary Johnson

ImageFrom on August 31:

"Wealthy, libertarian-minded guys and gals spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year trying to move the political needle.

"They fund think tanks and grassroots organizations. During election season, they spend big bucks on independent campaigns to boost the chances of preferred candidates.

"Yet, they are largely skipping over the best opportunity to move the needle since Ronald Reagan.

LP on the ballot in New Hampshire

ImageLibertarian Party presidential and vice presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will appear on the ballot in New Hampshire this November, as their petitions were declared valid by the Secretary of State's office on September 1.

In addition to Johnson and Weld, two other statewide candidates will be on the general election ballot: Max Abramson for Governor, and Brian Chabot for US Senate.

Arizona Capital Times: State Supreme Court upholds law aimed at Libertarian candidates

ImageFrom the Arizona Capital Times on August 26:

"The Arizona Supreme Court on Friday upheld a law that its proponents admitted is designed to help elect Republicans by keeping Libertarians from siphoning away votes.

Gregory Bresiger: A Vote for Freedom and Sanity: A very different choice from Clinton and Trump

Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger


Politico: Libertarian candidate Johnson focuses on battleground states in ad blitz

ImageFrom Politico on August 26:

"Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign is spending nearly $1 million on advertising in four battleground states, plus Oregon, Utah and his home state of New Mexico, as part of a new advertising blitz.

Dallas Voice: Libertarian challenging Sessions for Congress

Ed Rankin
Ed Rankin

From the Dallas Voice on August 26:

"Ed Rankin has run for Congress before, but this year, he believes, some 'interesting dynamics are lining up' that give him a better shot at winning a seat in Congress.

Johnson and Weld on the ballot in Virginia

ImagePresidential and vice presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are now on the ballot in 46 states, as the Virginia Board of Elections confirmed the validity of their petitions on August 26.


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