LP Chair: Not Pro-Life or Pro-Choice but Individual Choice

WASHINGTON - In response to the abortion restrictions signed into law in Arizona this month, Libertarian Party Chair, Mark Hinkle, issued the following statement:

“Like so many others, Libertarians wrestle with the moral issues associated with abortion.  While our party includes a significant number of people who describe themselves as pro-choice, nearly as many members describe themselves as pro-life.  In my own view, however, there is no conflict: the best way to respect life is to prevent government from interfering with individual rights.

How Could I Live without Filing Taxes?

Tired of filing taxes? Take a break, executive Director Carla Howell's spoof on taxes has been played on dozens of radio stations nationwide. Enjoy!

LNCC Candidate Training Workshop is just three weeks away!

Watch this video from LNCC Chairman Wayne Root for exciting news about the upcoming Candidate Training Workshop:

Nebraska Libertarians Save Taxpayers Money with Successful Lobbying for Improved Ballot Access Laws

New and improved ballot access laws are now in place in Nebraska, with Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman having signed LB 1035 on April 10, 2012.  The Libertarian Party of Nebraska successfully lobbied for this change so that political parties only need to re-qualify every 4 years rather than every 2 years.

"Hall of Liberty" Awards

Presidential Candidates Submit Statements for LP News

Presidential Candidates running for the Libertarian Party nomination submitted 175-word statements for the upcoming issue of LP News, the national Libertarian Party newsletter.

The following candidates last qualified* for posting of presidential candidates to the web site: Lee Wrights, Bill Still, Carl Person, Gary Johnson, and Jim Burns. Below are their statements:


Big Turnout for LibertyFest - Clawson, Haas, Rockman-Moon Honored as Defenders of Liberty; Presidential Poll

Libertarian Party Special Awards....for the 2012 National LP Convention

Survey: 2016 Libertarian Nominating Convention Venue Choices

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

The Libertarian National Committee is currently deciding on the site of our 2016 Nominating Convention.  Ohio has already been selected for the location of the 2014 convention.

Please take the survey now to give us your opinions!

Thank you,

Mark Hinkle
LNC Chair

You are Invited to the ISIL Conference in China!

The Shanghai Austrian Economic Summit this July 20-22 is the premier event in Asia for the free market ideas of Friedrich Hayek.

More than 20 speakers from across the globe will be joining Chinese scholars and fans of the free market Austrian School of thought to examine the current and future state of what is expected to be the world’s largest economy. Eight of these speakers are members of the Mont Pelerin Society, founded by Hayek to promote free market ideas.


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