Reason: Washington Post, in dishonest editorial, calls Gary Johnson ‘honest but defective’

From Matt Welch of Reason Magazine on July 8:

Politico: Gary Johnson compares Libertarian ticket to ‘comet’ hitting 'two-party dinosaur'

ImageFrom Politico on July 7:

“The two-party system is teetering on the brink of extinction, and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said his party’s ticket could be the one to knock it out.

“‘This is a two-party dinosaur,’ Johnson said Thursday during a National Press Club luncheon. ‘We think we're going to be the comet in this equation.’

Live feed for Johnson and Weld appearance at National Press Club

A live feed of the appearance of LP presidential and vice presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will be available today, starting at 1 pm ET.

Click here to watch.

FImagerom the National Press Club on June 16:

Former Utah GOP county executive committee member switches to Libertarian Party

ImageJonathan Choate, a member of the Cache County, Utah Republican Party executive committee, resigned his position last month and switched his party affiliation to Libertarian, according to an article in the Cache Valley Daily on June 29.

Click here to read the full article.

Johnson and Weld on the ballot in Illinois

ImageLibertarian Party presidential and vice presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Wiliam Weld will appear on the ballot this November in Illinois, as the petitions submitted last week were not challenged.

In addition, the Illinois LP will have candidates on the general election ballot.

AOL News: How Gary Johnson could shake up the presidential race

ImageFrom AOL News on June 30:

Dallas Morning News: Libertarians are right, taxation is theft

ImageFrom Mac McCann of the Dallas Morning News on June 29:

Throwing Off the Shackles

This weekend, we celebrate the audacity of Americans more than two-hundred years ago, as they stood up to the bully in their lives - the King of England.

Today, we are arguably less free than our nation's founders were under the thumb of the King of England. We have different bullies to deal with but many of the same problems, plus some worse ones.

What would George Washington say about the NSA spying on Americans?

Or civil asset forfeiture?

Or decades of foreign wars?

Or limiting the rights of Americans without due process?

Judge lowers Pennsylvania statewide candidate signature requirement to 5,000

On June 30,Image a U.S. district court judge lowered the signature requirement for statewide candidates of non-establishment parties to 5,000 signatures. The order takes effect for this year’s elections.

The judge also imposed new county distribution requirements that apply to all nonfederal statewide campaigns. Candidates for attorney general, auditor, and treasurer must collect at least 250 signatures from each of ten counties.

Oklahoma libertarians celebrate voting in primary for the first time in 16 years

ImageBelow is a press release from the Oklahoma LP on June 29:


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