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Start the countdown!

Just 10 days left before the presidential election, and we're making a strong finish down the homestretch. 

Halloween Fright! Barr Scares McCain

"Libertarian presidential nominee Bob Barr says Republicans are so afraid that he will spoil things for Sen. John McCain that the Republican presidential nominee is shadowing him, scheduling appearances in battleground states to match Mr.

The "Other" Debate

The New York Times (at least their blog), has dedicated a little space to a proposed last-minute debate among third-party candidates.  While the article does little in terms of actual reporting (they confirmed McKinney "will also be there, according to her website," without actually lifting a phone to call the campaign), it does do a great deal of speculating.

Our Newest Ad

Dear Libertarian Supporter,

Last week, we talked told you about our first radio ad that we began running nationwide in this last month before the election.

Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we wanted to let you know some of the comments we received from you:

The Republican Case Against the Republican Party

To be sure, Senator Barack Obama is certainly to the left of Senator John McCain; however, it's not a stretch to say that the real John McCain has more in common with Barack Obama than he does with his own party.  In fact, McCain frequently drew the ire of his party for many of his supposed "maverick" votes in the Senate.

What will the NRA do?

From Jason Pye at the Barr Campaign:

It looks like the NRA is finally getting involved in the presidential race:

"Time" for change

In case you needed more evidence that the debt problem in the United States was getting out of control (largely thanks to "conservative" Republican presidents), the national debt clock has run out of room.

Our First Radio Ad

Dear Libertarian Supporter,

Last week, we asked you for ideas on radio ads for the Libertarian Party during the 2008 presidential election. 

Congressmen who sold-out the taxpayer

"We can’t afford the bailout. And we certainly cannot afford the misnamed 'sweeteners' intended to buy the votes of House members. Using money the government doesn’t have to persuade legislators to spend even more money they don’t have is a fiscal and moral outrage. Turning normal bills into fiscal Christmas trees is bad enough, but the administration’s and congressional leadership’s attempt to avoid a genuine vote on the merits of legislation so expensive and far-reaching is a travesty."

House Should Stand Firm and Kill the Wall Street Bailout

The people said no and, for once, the Congress listened. But all of the usual suspects, including both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, rallied behind the administration’s ill-considered Wall Street bailout and pushed it through the Senate. Now the bailout’s supporters are going back to the House and hope to buy off enough votes to win passage tomorrow.


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