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What Americans think of the two-party system

 Former Libertarian congressional candidate, Travis Irvine, asks Americans about the two-party system and the potential for a third.

Arvin Vohra & Mark Grannis comment on the proposed debt ceiling agreement

Arvin: "I just saved $350,000." Mark: "How?" Arvin: "By not buying a Ferrari in 2016!" Mark: "Nice."

Attorney in the anthrax case - Mark Grannis

"I sometimes tell people that being a regulatory lawyer in Washington is like selling ice in hell!"

TSA - Helen Whalen-Cohen

 "Then they take a picture of you, and you know they get to see everything. And it's rather unpleasant!"

Guns - Mark Grannis

"If citizens are armed, then they're citizens. If they're not, they're subjects."

Dept. Of Education - Helen Whalen-Cohen

"Federalizing education? Has it worked yet?"

Freedom Fest 2011 Recap

Why Libertarian? - Helen Whalen-Cohen

"Suddenly everything just clicked!"

Global Warming - Helen Whalen-Cohen

 "There's all this talk about consensus, but there's really no room for debate."

Debt - Mark Grannis

 "We think we want our stuff so bad that we're willing to have our kids pay for it later."


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