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Subsidies - Mark Grannis

"The most successful ones are the ones that benefit really small groups of people who can concentrate their political effort behind it."

Who will protect us from big corporations? - Mark Grannis

"Power attracts influence; that's what happens."

Why Libertarian - Mark Grannis

"My views changed because I moved to Washington, and I hung around and saw how things really worked."

Why Libertarian - Arvin Vohra

 Arvin's take on the party, and why we must continue to grow.

Charity - Tanuja Paruchuri

Tanuja talks about the alternatives to government force.

Conservatives and Social Policy - Arvin Vohra

"Many conservatives say they want government out of economic policy but want it involved in social policy. To me, that's ridiculous!" - Arvin Vohra


Free Speech - Arvin Vohra

Arvin explains the Libertarian stance on Free Speech.

Interventionism - Tanuja Paruchuri

Libertarian Tanuja Paruchuri explains her views on interventionism.


LNC Summer Internship Program

The Libertarian National Committee is now accepting applications for our summer internship program. Primarily, the program is focused on expanding communication between the national office, party members, and potential members. This is accomplished by addressing questions about the party platform, participating in grassroots events, and online activism. In addition, interns assist with fundraising, social media, marketing, blog writing, research, video's, and administrative tasks.

Why you don't reward bad business - Arvin Vohra

Libertarian candidate, author, and entrepreneur Arvin Vohra describes the libertarian stance on bailouts.


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