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Offer to LP Members: Get filmed presenting your Libertarian Solution at the convention in Vegas, May 2-3 – $500 Cash Prize!

Dear fellow Libertarian Party Member,

Want to help advance our Libertarian agenda – while being entered in a contest that could win you a $500 cash prize?

LP Monday Message: Mitt Romney = Big Government

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I ran for governor against Mitt Romney in 2002 in Massachusetts. I read his every press release, read every major newspaper article about him, and followed his every move throughout his governor campaign -- and in each of the four years he served as governor.

Mitt Romney IS Big Government -- to the core.

Which is why I nearly fell off my chair one day when I was asked by a libertarian, “Aren’t you glad to have Mitt Romney as your governor? He’s pretty libertarian, isn’t he?”

Wall Street Journal post on Johnson, LP

More Roads Lead to Possible Third-Party Bid

"The prospects for a significant third-party presidential bid in 2012 are gathering steam, potentially complicating things for the eventual Republican nominee.

"The Libertarian Party could have a candidate with some name recognition, with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson expected to announce Wednesday he will leave the GOP and seek the Libertarian nominatio...

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