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Georgia Libertarian US Senate candidate polling at 11% in 3-way race; debate airs Oct. 23

Allen Buckley
Allen Buckley

Allen Buckley, the Georgia Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, is polling at 11%, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on October 21.

Texas LP candidate endorsed by the Star-Telegram and in debate on October 22

Mark Miller, the Libertarian candidate for the Railroad Commission in Texas, was endorsed by the Star-Telegram on October 20. Mr. Miller has been endorsed by the major daily newspapers in the state.

"Texans should buck two-party tradition and elect Libertarian Mark Miller, a former University of Texas at Austin petroleum engineering professor with deep oil and gas knowledge — but from a respectful distance.

"For transparency, Miller wants to change the agency’s name to the Energy Resources Commission. He’d help separate it from the industry it regulates."

Charleston Gazette-Mail endorses WV Libertarian for statewide office

John Buckley
John Buckley

The Charleston Gazette-Mail, the daily newspaper of the largest city in West Virginia, endorsed Libertarian John Buckley for Secretary of State on October 20.

John Stossel: A Better Choice

Jon Stossel
Jon Stossel

From an article by John Stossel in The Patriot Post on October 18:

Hillary Clinton is a manipulative, power-mad liar.

Donald Trump is a selfish, sexist, narcissistic bully.

These are our choices Nov. 8?

Johnson-Weld live-tweeting during debate, and on Jimmy Kimmel live Wednesday evening

ImageGary Johnson and Bill Weld will be live-tweeting their responses during the Presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19.

In addition, Johnson and Weld will be appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC-TV at 11:30 ET.

Click here for details.

The Daily Progress: Libertarian Party sees surge of new voters in Nebraska

ImageFrom The Daily Progress on October 16:

"Voter disgust with the presidential election could give a boost to Nebraska's Libertarian Party.

Libertarian for Judge running radio ads in Baltimore

Leo Dymowski
Leo Dymowski
Leo Dymowski, Libertarian for Judge in Baltimore County, is running two powerful ads on radio stations in the Baltimore area. 


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