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Bill to ease ballot access in GA introduced

A bill has been introduced in the Georgia legislature to lower the threshold for non-statewide independent and non-establishment candidates from 5% of the registered voters to 2% of the actual voters in the most recent race.

"“The worst ballot access law in the U.S. is the Georgia law on how an independent or minor party candidate gets on the ballot for U.S. House,” said Richard Winger, editor and publisher of Ballot Access News.

LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark: "We can't buy real friends with free candy"

Nicholas Sarwark
Nicholas Sarwark
LNC chair

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark made the following statement on foreign aid on February 5:

Libertarians Working For You, with Todd Grayson and Jay Price

ImageArvin Vohra will be hosting the show Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

Today's guests are Perrysburg, OH city councilman Todd Grayson, and candidate for the Louisiana House of Reprsentatives 70th district Jay Price.

Click here to listen.

Arvin Vohra appears on Glen Woods Bold Republic show

Arvin Vohra
Arvin Vohra
LNC vice-chair

Libertarian National Committee vice-chair Arvin Vohra appeared on the Glen Woods Bold Republic show last week, to discuss Wisconsin Governor and potential Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker's "American Revival" ad.

Help me reach out to student libertarians

I need your help to recruit students into the Libertarian Party.

A new and fast-growing organization called Students For Liberty is hosting its annual conference in Washington, DC, February 13-15.

Manhattan LP raises four cents for disgraced politician at convention

Sheldon Silver
Sheldon Silver
NY Assembly Speaker

California Court of Appeals upholds two-only ("top-two") primary

In a setback for the California Libertarian Party and other non-establishment parties, the California Court of Appeals upheld the two-only ("top-two") primary system, and refused to allow a trial to present evidence against top-two.

The only hope now to defeat the exclusionary system in the courts is for the state Supreme Court to hear the appeal.

Libertarians working for you

ImageLibertarian Party Political Director Carla Howell and Libertarian National Committee Regional Representative Dr. James Lark will be on Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

They will be discussing health care choice, and risk and regulation.

Click here to listen.


Washington Times: Libertarians have good reason to be optimistic

ImageThe Washington Times has an article in today's paper that libertarians have good reason to be optimistic, and have made some history.

Response to SOTU address covered on The Blaze

ImageThe Libertarian Party's response to the President's State of the Union speech on Tuesday was covered on, which is owned by Glenn Beck and has a significant readership.




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