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Libertarians lose beloved activist Marc Feldman

Dr. Marc Allan FeldmanMarc Feldman, 2016 candidate for the Libertarian Party's nomination for president, and member of the Libertarian National Committee passed away on Tuesday. The cause of death is not known at the time of this writing.

Nicholas Sarwark, LP Chair, released the following statement:

CNN: What to watch at the Libertarian town hall

ImageFrom CNN on June 22:

“The year is 2016, and a third party is going to prime time.

Nation’s largest pro-marijuana group endorses Gary Johnson

From the Daily Caller on June 15, and also picked up by

“The nation’s largest organization in favor of marijuana legalization is formally endorsing the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president — Gary Johnson.”

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), whose mission is to reform federal laws to ensure states can determine their own marijuana policies, said Johnson was the obvious choice as the most pro-legalization candidate on the ballot.

CBS News: 2016 by the numbers: Will Gary Johnson disrupt Clinton vs. Trump race?

ImageFrom CBS News on June 15:

“Could the Libertarian Party emerge as a real force in the presidential election this fall?

LP on the ballot in South Dakota

The Libertarian Party is back on the ballot in South Dakota, as the Secretary of State confirmed on June 17 that more than enough valid signatures had been submitted.

To retain party status, the 2018 gubernatorial candidate must get at least 2.5 percent of the vote.

The South Dakota LP had been a recognized party in the last presidential cycle, but went off the ballot when no candidate ran for governor in 2014.

USA Today: Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson on guns, debates, and pot

ImageAn article and video interview from USA Today on June 16:

CNN to host town hall with Libertarian presidential & VP candidates

ImageFrom CNN on June 15:

“CNN announced today that Chris Cuomo will moderate a Town Hall with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate William Weld at 9pmET on Wednesday, June 22.

“Both Johnson and Weld will field questions from voters live from the Time Warner Center in New York City. This will serve as CNN’s eleventh town hall during the 2016 election season.”

Openly gay libertarian candidate issues statement on Orlando shooting

Thomas Simmons
Thomas Simmons
Libertarian for U.S. House

Cato: Don’t not vote

ImageFrom Jim Harper of the Cato Institute on May 23:

“Voting does more than elect candidates.

“Votes are a dazzling roman candle of information supplied to elected officials, their staffs, political parties, journalists, opinion leaders, and future candidates, to name a few. All these witnesses to elections incorporate vote information — not just outcome, but win/loss margins — into their actions and assessments well beyond election and inauguration day.

U.S. News: The year of the Libertarian

ImageFrom U.S. News & World Report online on June 10:


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