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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama from the LNC vice chair

Arvin Vohra
Arvin Vohra

An open letter to President Barack Obama:

Mr. President, you told America today that a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Trump. As it turns out, you were only a tiny bit off.

Detroit News endorses Gary Johnson for President

ImageFrom the Detroit News on September 29:

"Today this newspaper does something it has never done in its 143-year history: endorse someone other than the Republican candidate in a presidential contest.

"Since its founding in 1873, The Detroit News has backed a Republican every time it has made a presidential endorsement (three times we have sat on the sidelines — twice during the Franklin Roosevelt elections and in the 2004 Bush/Kerry contest).

LNC chair interviewed on exclusion of Libertarian Johnson from debate

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark discusses the exclusion of Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson from the presidential debate on the Paul Malloy Show, aired on September 29.

Gary Johnson op-ed NY Times: Take a Deep Breath, Voters. There Is a Third Way.

ImageThe America I know wasn’t on the television screen on Monday night. My America is about the freedom to make choices, pursue your dreams and use your skills as entrepreneurs. It is about having more choices than just red versus blue.

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McClatchy DC: Presidential debate may have helped Gary Johnson

ImageFrom a forum of  undecided North Carolina voters who gathered to watch the first presidential debate, according to on September 27:

"Kae Roberts and Jay Eardly were leaning toward Hillary Clinton before Monday night’s debate.

"By the end, they had both pulled away.

Sampling of Gary Johnson’s Live Tweets During the Presidential Debate

In lieu of being on the presidential debate state, where Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson belonged last night, he live tweeted in response to points discussed. 

Here's a sampling of what he wrote:

Trump and Clinton talked about bringing jobs back to the U.S. 

Johnson’s response: "Free trade, not isolationism, is what will lead to more U.S. jobs."

Clinton talked about lowering taxes

Indiana statewide Libertarians invited to debates

Lucy Brenton
Lucy Brenton
Rex Bell
Rex Bell

LA Times: The presidential race in Arizona was already tight. Then voters started noticing Gary Johnson

ImageFrom the Los Angeles Times on September 21:

"Under a scorching September sun, Lauren McCarthy and Anthony Fraijo were unflaggingly chipper as they buttonholed Arizona State University students with one question: 'Are you happy with the two major parties?'


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