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Libertarian results for governor, 2010-2014

In 2014, there were 24 states with Libertarian candidates on the ballot for governor. Eight candidates got at least 3 percent. The average Libertarian percentage was 2.2 percent.

Election results for state ballot measures

In an article for Liberty magazine that summarizes election results for key statewide ballot measures in Tuesday's election, Bruce Ramsey said, "Libertarians should take encouragement ..."

Read the full article here.

LP gains and loses ballot access in states, overall remains strong

The Libertarian Party is on the ballot in 30 states after Tuesday's general election.

The LP attained ballot access in North Dakota for the first time, and lost ballot access in South Dakota, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. The Hawaii and Maryland LPs met the vote test for party retention for the first time in their histories. Both state parties had retained ballot access through petitioning in past years.

In Alaska, the party appears to have retained its party status, as the gubernatorial candidate needed to get 3 percent and appears to have received 3.00 percent.

Oregon LP leaders rejoice over defeat of state's Measure 90 "top two"

Vote NO on Oregon Measure 90

Oregon's Measure 90 ballot initiative, that would have elminated party primaries and effectively ended Libertarian participation in general elections, was trounced at the polls on November 4: 

Thanks, Libertarians! Election results coming...

Dear Friend of Liberty,

First of all, I want to thank our 791 candidates again for taking the time to run for office. I'd also like to thank our candidates' families and campaign volunteers who provided much needed support.

How did we do?

Libertarians play key role in highly contested races

Libertarian candidates may have decided the winner in at least six federal and governor races, despite record-shattering spending levels in support of the Democratic and Republican candidates.

Each race where a Libertarian threatens to affect the outcome of an election puts pressure on the old parties to move in a Libertarian direction by reducing government's size, scope, and authority.

2014 Election Night Updates

(11/6, 6:47 p.m. ET) Carolyn Clift, running for governor in Alaska, is at 3.0 percent. Mark Fish, running for U.S. senator, is at 3.7 percent.

(11/6, 5:57 p.m. ET) In Nebraska, Keith Ottersberg won a seat on the Wymore City Council with 162 votes (71 percent).

(11/6, 5:54 p.m. ET) Two victories in Minnesota: Both Libertarian candidates running for Crystal City Council, Olga Parsons and Elizabeth Dahl, beat their incumbent opponents and by significant margins.

Election returns to watch for tonight

If Libertarian candidates receive the votes described below, the LP will gain ballot access in that state, according to Ballot Access News:

Krawchuk running for Governor in PA as a write-in

Ken Krawchuk

Long-time Pennsylvania Libertarian candidate and activist Ken Krawchuk will be running for governor on Tuesday as a write-in. Henry Haller is the candidate for lieutenant governor.

Amanda Swafford in GA Senate debate Sunday morning, and more candidate debate coverage

Amanda Swafford

Amanda Swafford will be participating in a debate for the Georgia U.S. Senate candidates this morning at 11 a.m. Click here to watch.

More coverage on recent Libertarian candidate debates:


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