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Learn how to 'Be Dangerous to Big Government' at LP FreedomFest events

Join the Libertarian Party at FreedomFest 2013 in Las Vegas at Planet HollywoodLibertarians from around the world will gather at FreedomFest in Las Vegas next month, and Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey Neale and Executive Director Carla Howell will be there to

LP fights unfair ballot access laws in four states

Richard Winger
Richard Winger

Guest entry by
Richard Winger,
publisher of Ballot Access News

Newsmax: Libertarians See Political Gains in NSA Leak Debacle

Newsmax: Libertarians See Political Gains in NSA Leak DebacleFrom a June 11 Newsmax article which features the reaction

LP joins court case to remove limits on political speech

McCutcheon v. FEC amicus briefA lawsuit challenging the Federal Election Commission's (FEC) limits on how much people can contribute to political campaigns is on its way to the Supreme Court, and the Libertarian National Committee is supporting that challenge.

Libertarian Bill Slantz calls to end DHS, TSA, EPA, DEA, IRS in MO congressional race

Bill Slantz
Bill Slantz,
LP Missouri
Candidate for

Most Americans want small government, says LP Executive Director Carla Howell

Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell on PressTVRepublican and Democratic politicians support virtually identical policies designed to constantly escalate the scope and size of government, Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell said in

Libertarian Levi Tappan wins city council election in Page, AZ

Levi Tappan
Levi Tappan,
LP Arizona
Elected in May 2013
to Page City Council

Libertarian John Wayne Smith aims to downsize government as Florida’s governor

John Wayne Smith
John Wayne Smith,
LP Florida
2014 Candidate
for Governor

Libertarian George Brown calls for end to corporate income tax, reducing power of government unions in PA House race

George Brown
George Brown,
LP Pennsylvania
2013 Candidate for
State Representative


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