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NBC polls puts Johnson ahead of Clinton and Trump among true independents

Libertarian Gary Johnson

From an NBC report on an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll:

Gary Johnson Balanced Rebellion ad viewed over 23 million times online


On Aug. 29, AdWeek described an ad released the prior week:

“Funded by Alternative PAC, a Johnson supporter, the five-minute video promotes a movement called Balanced Rebellion, which...aims to match voters one-to-one with others who are disappointed in the major-party choices for leader of the free world...”

Montana LP state chair and US House candidate dies in car accident

Libertarian Mike FellowsMike Fellows, the chair of the Montana Libertarian Party, candidate for the US House of Representatives, and long-time activist, died in a car accident on September 19.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Let Gary Johnson debate

ImageFrom an editorial by the Richmond Times-Dispatch on September 17:

Texas Libertarian receives third major newspaper endorsement

Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Texas Libertarian Party candidate Mark Miller was endorsed by the San Antonio Express-News, the state's fourth largest daily, on September 19:

Iowa Libertarians rallying for Gary Johnson

ImageIowa Libertarian Party chair Keith Laube was interviewed on September 17 by

Click here to watch the video.


Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on 60 Minutes on CBS Sunday 7:30p ET, 7:00p PT

CBS's 60 Minutes will feature Libertarian for president Gov. Gary Johnson and his running mate, Gov. William Weld "taking on the two-party system with many ideas outside the political mainstream."

The show airs Sunday, Sept. 18 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT.

LNC Chair articulates Libertarian Party's standing in American politics on RT TV

Nicholas Sarwark on RT
Nicholas Sarwark on RT

Libertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on the Russia Today show Fishtank 2016 on September 15.

Libertarian Mark Miller endorsed by Dallas Morning News

Mark Miller
Mark Miller

Mark Miller, the Texas Libertarian Party candidate for the Railroad Commission, was endorsed by the state's second-largest daily newspaper, the Dallas Morning News, on September 15:


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