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Libertarian Party TV ad campaign in Georgia

From the Georgia LP:

Atlanta GA — Labor Day is viewed as the official start of the political campaign season leading up to the November general election. To kick off the season, the Libertarian Party of Georgia has produced a television ad designed to introduce its gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hunt and remind voters there is an alternative to the other two political parties.

Gun-toting thugs harass Libertarian supporters

Dear friend of liberty,

In Illinois, the Republicans have actually hired gun-carrying investigators to intimidate Libertarian petitioners and petition signers, hoping to get us thrown off the ballot. Read about it.

Florida Libertarian completes brewery tour

ImageLibertarian Adrian Wyllie, running for governor of Florida, has completed his 30-day campaign tour of Florida craft breweries.

In a story about Wyllie's visit, Panama City's News Herald writes:

At the heart of his campaign, Wyllie strives to uphold constitutional basics and minimize government intervention across the board on all economic and social issues.

Lee Hieb on her Libertarian campaign for Iowa governor

Dr. Lee Hieb
Dr. Lee Hieb

Libertarian Dr. Lee Hieb was recently interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald about her campaign for governor of Iowa.

Lee Hieb recalled the day when members of Iowa’s Libertarian Party asked her to run for governor.

"I'm not a politician," Hieb told them.

Ohio LP chair: Stop using taxpayer money for political conventions

In an op-ed at, Ohio LP chairman Kevin Knedler writes:

TN city councilman elected to county commission

Wallace Redd
Wallace Redd

Libertarian Wallace Redd, who has been serving on the Clarksville, Tenn., city council since 1996, was elected to the Montgomery County Commissioners in the 16th district on Aug. 7.

Newspaper wants Libertarian Sarvis in Virginia debates

Rob Sarvis
Robert Sarvis,
LP Virginia
Candidate for U.S. Senate

The Roanoke Times has called for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis to appear in the upcoming candidate debates in Virginia.

Currently, only the Republican and Democratic candidates will be allowed to participate.


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