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Quick thank you

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Great news! And many thanks!

Last week I sent a note to many of our donors asking them to help me cover a $26,000 fundraising shortfall from February.

I'm happy to report that 149 people have contributed $16,036 online since then. That goes a long way towards covering our shortfall.

I want to thank everyone who contributed. And also invite everyone else to help.

National news tracks impact of Libertarian Lucas Overby on Florida special election

Lucas Overby for Congress in FloridaThe impact Libertarian Lucas Overby is having on today's special election for the 13th congressional seat in Florida is stirring controversy.

Ohio Republicans toss top-ticket Libertarians off ballot; LP fires back

Charlie Earl for Governor in Ohio
Charlie Earl for Governor
in Ohio

Ohio Republicans are at it again, using their powers in office to suppress competition from Libertarians.

Arizona repeals ballot access restriction under pressure from pending referendum

Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signs law to preempts voter referendum
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

MintPress reports Libertarians are redefining American politics

Big Government biggest threat to future of U.S.
Gallup poll shows Americans overwhelmingly view Big
Government as the biggest threat to their future.

High-energy outreach pays off for Lucas Overby campaign

Lucas Overby debates on C-SPAN
Lucas Overby, LP Florida candidate for
Congress, debates Republican David Jolly

Charlie Earl qualifies for governor race; LP Ohio to appeal other SOS rulings

The Ohio governor's race will include a Libertarian on the ballot this year, reports LP Ohio in this press release:

More than 550,000 emails sent to Congress for The Day We Fight Back campaign

The Day We Fight BackThanks to everyone who emailed or called their congressmen, posted banners, and spread the word in other ways on The Day We Fought Back — Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014.

Supporters sent more than 550,000 emails and completed more than 89,000 calls to congressmen to urge action against mass surveillance.


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