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Please help us with ballot access

We recently signed an agreement with the Libertarian Party of Arkansas to pay $25,000 for ballot access petition signatures.

Please make a donation to help to pay for this important ballot access effort.

The LP Arkansas is one of our most improved state affiliates over the past four years, thanks largely to the leadership of Rodger and Jessica Paxton.

Arkansas elected three Libertarians to office in 2014. We need to make sure Libertarians are on the Arkansas ballot in 2016.

Libertarians Working For You show, with Elizabeth Dahl and Andy Bakker

ImageArvin Vohra will be hosting the show Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

LNC Chair interviewed by Sputnik News on Chicago black site

ImageLibertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed recently by Sputnik News on the existence of an unofficial police interrogation site in Chicago.

"The allegations of physical abuse should be covered by the media." Nicholas Sarwark said.

The existence of the site was reported by The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, but barely reported by the media in the US.

Neither Big Government Party Cracks 40% Favorability in Latest Poll

Image"Thirty-seven percent of Americans now view the Republican Party favorably and 39% view the Democratic Party favorably. This is the only time since Gallup began tracking the party's images this way in 1992 that neither party has achieved at least 40% favorability from the public.''

Four Alabama State Senators Introduce Ballot Access Bill (updated)

ImageA bill to ease ballot access in Alabama was introduced in the state Senate by four legislators last week.

The legislation, if passed, would lower the number of signatures required by newly-qualifying parties and independent candidates from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote to 1.5%.

LP Georgia Needs Help with Ballot Access Bill Friday, March 13

Attention Libertarians and supporters of ballot fairness:

If you live, or know anyone living, in Georgia, please help the vitally important effort below to remove impossibly-difficult restrictions on ballot access in the state by calling your congressman or attending Crossover Day on Friday morning, March 13:

Dear Ballot Access Supporters:

LNC Seeks Applicants for Platform, Bylaws, Credentials Committees

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is seeking applicants to serve on the Platform Committee, the Bylaws and Rules Committee, and the Credentials Committee for the May 27-30, 2016 national convention in Orlando, Florida.  The LNC expects to make the appointments during its March 28-29, 2015 meeting so as to give the committees plenty of time to complete their tasks before the convention.

The LNC appoints all 10 of the Bylaws and Rules Committee members, 5 of the 20 Platform Committee members, and 5 of the 10 Credentials Committee members.

Oklahoma House unanimously passes favorable ballot access bill

The Libertarian Party of Oklahoma, the state with the most difficult petitioning requirements in the country for presidential candidates, may see big relief if a bill passed unanimously on March 10 in the state's House of Representatives becomes law.

Libertarians Working For You show, with Matthew Schutter and Clayton Sanford

ImageArvin Vohra will be hosting the show Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

Today's guests are Matthew Schutter, who was elected last year as the Penn Forest Township Auditor in Pennsylvania, and Clayton Sanford, the Orleans Parish Representative to the Libertarian Party of Louisiana State Central Committee.


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