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LP candidate Dan Fishman announces bid to fill John Kerry's open Senate seat in Mass.

Dan Fishman,
announced senatorial candidate
in Massachusetts

CO Libertarian Tim Menger Won 41% of 2012 State House Vote in 2-Way Race

Part of a series highlighting significant stories from the 2012 election

Tim Menger,
2012 candidate for CO House

Tim Menger won an impressive 41 percent (13,951 votes) in his race for Colorado’s 54th House district — with a little help from Republicans, who can’t seem to keep their records clean.

Libertarians seek to crash the party in PA

The Libertarian Party is making new inroads in Bucks County, Penn., as reported in the Warminster Patch:

[Pennsylvania Libertarian Party Chairman] Dr. Tom Stevens suggests that, if you generally follow the fiscally conservative/socially liberal philosophy, you are most likely a Libertarian. It's a realization that has expanded exponentially in the past, politically charged year.

LP News back issues now online

Throughout its 41-year history, the Libertarian Party has benefited from the hard work and tireless activism of members throughout the country — people who have invested their time and resources in running candidates to advance liberty at every level of government.

Adrian Wyllie announces bid for Florida governor, plans to eliminate federal meddling

Adrian Wyllie,
Florida LP Chair
and candidate for governor

SC Libertarian Jeremy Walters comes close to major LP victory, plans 2014 run

Part of a series highlighting significant stories from the 2012 election

Mike Fellows sets national LP record in MT, mulls another run for office

Part of a series highlighting significant stories from the 2012 election

Final 2012 Election Results Now Available

Final results for all 2012 electoral races including a Libertarian Party candidate are now available on our website. Click here to see a full table of vote totals and percentages for LP candidates and their opponents.

The story behind one of 2012's great election results

Warren Severin
Arizona LP State Chair

In a major strategic victory for the Libertarian Party, Arizona voters soundly rejected the state’s Prop 121 initiative, which would have excluded all but the top two vote-getters of the primary elections from the general election.

Victory: Kansas LP succeeds in changing local open carry laws in Kansas, sues holdouts

Thanks to the efforts of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, gun owners who were prohibited by their local governments from openly carrying firearms are now free to open carry in their cities.


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