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LPME treasurer and former chair running in special election Tuesday

Shawn Levasseur
Shawn Levasseur

Shawn Levasseur, the current Maine LP treasurer and former state party chair, is running in a special election for the state legislature next Tuesday.

Louisiana Libertarian elected to JP and constable association executive board

Henry Herford
Henry Herford

Constable Henry Herford of Franklin Parish in Louisiana was elected to the Executive Board of the Louisiana Justice of the Peace and Constable Association yesterday.

Libertarians Working For You show, with Matt Hasty and Andy Craig

ImageArvin Vohra will be hosting the show Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

Today's guests are Matt Hasty, the LP Facebook page tactical manager, and Andy Craig, Wisconsin LP 2016 congressional candidate.

Libertarian Andy Craig for Congress Makes Case for Scaling Back FDA

Andy Craig for CongressWisconsin Libertarian congressional candidate Andy Craig released the following statement regarding FDA delay of life-saving medical technology:

Gary Johnson at CPAC

2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee convention, last Thursday and Friday.

Former Colorado LP candidate Lily Williams interviewed on InfoWars

Lily Williams
Lily Williams

Lily Williams, who ran for office in Colorado last November as a Libertarian, was interviewed last week on InfoWars.

Ms. Williams discussed growing up in Communist China, Common Core, and gun control.

Libertarians Working For You show, with Mike Shipley and Steven Nielson

ImageArvin Vohra will be hosting the show Libertarians Working For You today at 2 pm EST.

Today's guests are Mike Shipley of Outright Libertarians, and Steven Nielson, who is Secretary of the LP of Washington.

Click here to listen.

Take the poll: Which politicians do you consider to be Big Government?

What is your opinion about when to consider a politician to be Big Government?

Click here to take the poll.

Nevada Libertarians help bring down tax-payer funded stadium

Members of the Nevada LP helped in putting a halt to the building of a $200 million publicly funded soccer stadium.

Major League Soccer has decided to pass on granting an expansion team to Las Vegas, at least until 2018, due to uncertainty regarding the taxpayer-funded stadium, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

new logo design for Libertarian Party

Fellow Libertarians,

The Libertarian Party has the strongest platform of any political party, the most principled candidates of any party, and the most beneficial vision of any party. I think it's time that we had the best logo and branding of any political party.

In a few days, we will begin a logo design contest, using the 99designs platform. Designers from all over the country will compete for both the prize money and the prestige of having created an internationally recognized logo.


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