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Libertarian Passarelli Could Win Ballot Status for LP in Connecticut

Libertarian Paul Passarelli, a local businessman and president of Solar and Thermal Systems Inc., is in a three-way race for U.S. Senate in Connecticut against Democrat Congressman Chris Murphy and Republican Linda McMahon, a former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Utah Libertarian Barry Short for State Rep Seeks to Shrink State Regulatory Agencies, Cut Budget

Barry Short relishes the idea of representing the 72nd District in the Utah State House.

“There are a number of Republicans [in the House] who claim to be for free markets, individual liberty, and limited government,” he says.  “You’d better believe I’d publicly challenge those representatives to match their votes to their rhetoric.”

Former LP presidential candidate, actor, American Indian Movement leader Russell Means dies at 72

Russell Means, political activist and actor who appeared in numerous films including The Last of the Mohicans, died today after a year-long battle with cancer at 72.

In 1987, Means ran for the nomination of president as a Libertarian, finishing second with 31% of the vote. He lost the nomination to Congressman Ron Paul.

Libertarian Dine Could Tip Highly-Contested Missouri Senate Race

Politico, a leading Internet political web site, reports that Libertarian Jonathan Dine could be the deciding factor in his Missouri U.S. Senate race against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill and controversial Republican, Todd Akin.

A poll released October 21 by Public Policy Polling showed McCaskill leading with 46 percent, Akin at 40 percent, Dine getting the difference at 6 percent. Eight percent remain undecided.

Uphill Battle for Libertarian in DC, But Reward Is Possible

The culture of the District of Columbia flies smack in the face of the Libertarian agenda. Legions of civil servants, lobbyists, federal contractors and K-Street lawyers live in the district -- and oppose anyone who wants to scale it back.

For nearly 22 years, incumbent Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton has been D.C.’s Delegate to the US Congress. Republicans didn’t even bother to run a candidate against her this year.

GA Libertarian David Staples in 2-Way Race for Public Service Commission

Although Libertarian David Staples is running in District 5 for the Public Service Commission, it’s a statewide election. Every Georgia voter will have a chance to cast a vote for him.

Staples is running in a 2-way race against an 18-year incumbent, Republican Stan Wise, whose campaign is plagued with scandal.  Wise is facing allegations of conflict of interest surrounding recent campaign contributions and gifts he received while in office.

Arizona Libertarian’s debate performance makes him a factor in US Senate race

Politico, one of the nation’s top online political news websites, said Libertarian attorney Marc Victor’s performance in the first televised debate of the Arizona race for U.S. Senate on October 10 “shed light on an overlooked but potentially significant factor.”

Johnson Campaign Asks D.C. Federal Court to Intervene in Presidential Debates, Citing Polling Fallacy

Argues Former New Mexico Governor Has Met Criteria

Libertarian Barbara Howe Running Hard for Governor in NC

Barbara Howe, Libertarian for Governor in North Carolina, is running hard – literally – to get out her message. She has completed 94 separate 5k runs since announcing her candidacy earlier this year and is just six away from her goal.


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