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January 30, 2014

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Gov. Gary Johnson on Stossel to discuss State of the Union

Gov. Gary Johnson on StosselGov. Gary Johnson will be joining John Stossel live in New York on the Fox Business Network during and after President Obama's State of the Union speech. The show starts at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time.

In an email notice, Johnson says:

LP Monday Message: Response to SOTU and Convention Correction

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Tomorrow night, the Libertarian Party will issue a response to President Obama's annual State of the Union speech. Watch for this response shortly after the president concludes his remarks. We'll send it by email, and post it on and our Facebook page.

If you want an interesting take on SOTU speeches, have a look at this 2010 article by Gene Healy of the Cato Institute.

New Hampshire legislature first to vote in favor of marijuana legalization

Defeat of the failed war on marijuana — long opposed by the Libertarian Party — took another giant step forward on Jan. 15 when the New Hampshire House became the first legislative body in the United States to vote in favor of legalization of cannabis.

The bill, H.B. 492, would decriminalize possession of one ounce of marijuana by adults and would allow residents to grow up to six plants. It passed in the House by a vote of 170-162 after heated debate.

North Carolina Libertarians see opportunity in rising discontent of voters

Brad Hessel
Brad Hessel,
LP North Carolina

New Gallup Poll: 46 percent of Americans don't identify as either Democrat or Republican

Gallup Poll shows rise in independent voters

More good news for Libertarian Party prospects.

LP Monday Message: 680 books, LP News, State Conventions

Dear Friend of Liberty,

LPIN targets vulnerable state House seats in 2014 Indiana election

Libertarian Party of IndianaThe Indiana LP will be targeting vulnerable state House seats in the 2014 election, the state affiliate announced in a Thursday press release, which presented an initial list of 20 sitting politicians that LPIN Chair Dan Drexler says they hope will be defeated in November:

4 Libertarian books for 30 bucks

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Quick survey for LP News about online publication

Dear Friend of Liberty,

LP News, Dec. 2013I'd like some feedback from you regarding LP News for our editor, Eric Dixon.

First a little background. As you may know, LP News is the primary print newsletter for the national Libertarian Party. In recent years, we've published four issues per year. We plan to publish six issues in 2014.


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