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Republicans desperate to knock Libertarians off ballot; latest target: Virginia

The Republicans are at it again. They're challenging the signatures of Virginia Libertarians, despite the fact that they turned in 16,398 petition signatures, more than 12,249 of which are likely valid based on conservative estimates. Only 10,000 are required to make the ballot.

Republicans are hoping to knock Libertarian presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and his vice presidential running mate Judge Jim Gray off the ballot and deny voters a choice. The challenge is viewed as frivolous.

Libertarians Gov. Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray on Ballot in DC, New York

With the addition of New York, Libertarians Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James P. Gray are now on the ballots in 41 states.

They will also be on the ballot in the District of Columbia, along with Bruce Majors, who is running for Delegate to the US House of Representatives. If either Gov. Gary Johnson or Mr. Majors receives 7,500 votes in the district, ballot access will be retained there for 2 years. The Libertarian Party has never attained full ballot access in the District of Columbia.

Petitions are due next week in Alabama, Kentucky, and Rhode Island.

We're fighting for our lives to keep Johnson/Gary on the ballot in PA - Please help now!

Dear Fellow Libertarians

Volunteers are going all-out to keep Libertarians Gov Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gary on the ballot in Pennsylvania - and our whole slate of statewide PA Libertarian candidates.

Roy Minet who's heading the effort to stave off the Republican's challenge, reports:

Why are over 21,437 new fans and viewers raving about this brief speech by Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gov. Gary Johnson?

“Over 21,437 Ron Paul, Tea Party, fiscal conservative activists watched and urged friends to watch this short speech by Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gov.

40 States And Still Counting!

Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray are now on 40 state ballots for the November elections, as Maryland and Massachusetts were added to the list today.

Petitioning is still going on in 3 states: Alabama, Kentucky, and Rhode Island. The petitions are due the first full week in September.

Signatures are being validated in 5 states: Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Also waiting on validation in the District of Columbia. Litigation to get our candidates on the ballot is taking place in Michigan and Oklahoma.

Ballot Access for Libertarians in Minnesota Brings Total to 38 States

Governor Gary Johnson and Judge James P. Gray are now on 38 state ballots, as the petition drive in Minnesota was deemed successful by the Secretary of State.

Petitions are due in Virginia tomorrow, Friday.

LP activists restore 1,128 invalidated signatures to get Gov. Johnson, Judge Gray and Moran for Governor on ballot in W.Va.

After four long months of petitioning for Ballot Access in West Virginia, on August 1, 2012 David Moran (Gubernatorial Candidate) and Michael S.

Republicans Trying to Knock Gov. Gary Johnson Off the Ballot in Pennsylvania

“Republicans fear that Governor Gary Johnson on the Pennsylvania ballot may cost Mitt Romney crucial votes in a tight Presidential contest” 

Dear Friends,

20,601 Pennsylvania registered voter signatures are required to put Gary Johnson on the ballot.

On August 1st, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania filed nearly 50,000 petition signatures to put Libertarian Presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson on the ballot.


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