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The Quiet War On Ballot Access

by R. Lee Wrights

Not all of America's wars are clear and visible. For decades establishment politicians have been waging a quiet, secret war most Americans don't even realize is going on. But this war is just as destructive of our liberty as the war in Afghanistan, the war on drugs, the war on taxpayers and the myriads of other conflicts our government is waging.

Libertarians Gov. Johnson for President, Judge Gray for Vice President on the Ballot in Illinois

July 3, 2012 Yesterday Illinois became the 31st state that Libertarian presidential candidate Governor Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate Judge James Gray will appear on the ballot in November. The signatures turned in to the Illinois Board of Elections were not challenged by yesterday’s 5:00 P.M. deadline.

Illinois is one of the most challenging and expensive states in the nation for presidential candidates to make the ballot.

Join in the Spirit of '76

Libertarian Candidates Oppose Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Obamacare

Having trouble finding clarity, truth and common sense in the sea of commentary addressing the Supreme Court health care ruling?

Here’s what some Libertarian candidates have to say about it.

Two Marijuana Decrim Measures Signed Into Law This Month

Today the City of Chicago

Libertarian Ballot Access Update

Follow the latest news on Libertarian Party ballot at our redesigned and updated 2012 Ballot Access Page.

Have You Seen These Articles About the LP News Release?

NY Times cites Libertarian Calen Fretts

Gary Johnson on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart

Don't miss it! Gov.


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