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Donate for appeal to the Supreme Court!

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you'll donate to support our appeal to the United States Supreme Court!

We're fighting back against abuse by Michigan Republicans! And we're going on offense against the Sixth Circuit Court — before the 2016 elections!

Please help us raise $4,725 as soon as possible.

LP Monday Message: How to stop Obamacare?

Dear Friend of Liberty,

June issue of LP News now available online

LP News — Vol. 43, No. 2 — June 2013The June 2013 edition of LP News is now available in the LP News archive, which contains issues stretching back for five years.

LP Monday Message: Elected Libertarian list

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Nationwide, there are 142 Libertarians holding elected public office. Thirty-nine of them are partisan offices, and 103 are nonpartisan offices. You can view the entire list here.

The Libertarian Party Remembers Admiral Michael C. Colley

Adm. Michael C. Colley
Adm. Michael C. Colley

LP Monday Message: See Sarvis run!? 2013 list

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Washington Times column features LP call to stay out of Syria

From "Inside the Beltway," on page 2 of the Washington Times (Sept. 6, 2013):

“Syria is not threatening our country. We have no national interest in intervening there. There are no reasons for the U.S. to support either the Assad dictatorship or the opposition warlords,” declares Liberarian Party Chairman Geoffrey Neale.

Read full column here.

Connecticut Libertarian aims to boldly downsize city government backed by slate of LP candidates

William H. Russell - Libertarian for Mayor, Norwich, CT
William H. Russell,
Libertarian for Mayor


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