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Take the Poll: How much should we cut federal government taxes and spending?

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As soon as is practical, how much should we cut federal government taxes and spending?

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Two Ohio LP statewide candidates on ballot in November

Bob Bridges

Virginia Libertarian Elected To Local Office

Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown was elected to the Occoquan, VA Town Council on Tuesday.

Mr. Brown finished 5th out of 6 candidates, with 74 votes (13.6%). The top 5 were elected to the council.

LP statement on President Obama’s low poll ratings

Libertarian Party Executive Director Carla Howell on PressTVIn response to an article in The Hill on President Obama

Ohio LP loses ballot access lawsuit

Libertarian Party of OhioThe Ohio Libertarian Party lost its ballot access lawsuit yesterday, as the 6th Circuit Court refused to enjoin an Ohio law that requires petitioners to fill out a blank on each petition sheet showing the employer of the circulator.

Libertarian Andrew Hunt for Governor in Georgia Polling 9%

Dr. Andrew Hunt
Dr. Andrew Hunt

Georgia LP gubernatorial candidate Dr. Andrew Hunt is polling at 9 percent, according to Survey USA in a poll released today.

Republican incumbent Nathan Deal is at 41 percent, Democrat Jason Carter 37 percent, and 13 percent are undecided.

Rasmussen Poll shows 53% think neither Democrats nor Republicans represent the American people

Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican Rep. John BoehnerHere are the key findings from a survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters conducted on April 19–20, 2014, by Rasmussen Reports and other recent surveys:

Help us fund ballot access petition drives

Dear LP supporter,

We're finally scheduled to close on a new office tomorrow. (That's good news!)

But our operations director, Robert Kraus, just told me how low we are on funds for everything else.

In particular, I really hope you'll contribute toward ballot access right away.

We're in the middle of petition drives in Alabama and Illinois. They're going fine, but we need your support to keep paying for the petitioners collecting signatures.


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