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LP Monday Message: Cruelest Cuts in Government Spending - the Democrat and Republican Scare Tactic

Dear Friend of Liberty,

When government spending cuts come up in conversation, Big Government Democratic and Republican Politicians break out the scare tactics. They threaten to cut the services that voters care about most. Police and fire protection, schools, and road repairs are some of their tried-and-true favorites.

Big Government Democrats and Republicans try to scare voters into believing that these are the only areas of government that can be cut. “Give us your tax dollars, or granny dies.”

LP Monday Message: Libertarian Party turns 40

December 12, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Yesterday, December 11, was the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Party.

Here's a press release about the 1971 speech that inspired the Libertarian Party's founders.

I'm proud that the Libertarian Party has maintained such a tenacious presence in American politics for the last 40 years.

$41,000 short - please help!

Dear Libertarian Party supporter,

So far, we've received 383 donations and pledges totaling $206,650.07 for our building fund.

The LNC set a goal of $248,000, so we are still short $41,349.93.

This weekend we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Libertarian Party. The LNC is meeting and will weigh in on this building project.

2011 Libertarian election results are up

We have tracked election results for 147 Libertarian candidates this year.

Results are now posted here.

LP Monday Message: 10 Ron Paul questions

December 5, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

We get lots of questions and suggestions about Ron Paul in relation to the Libertarian Party. Below are ten questions, and my responses.

1. Why isn't Ron Paul running on the Libertarian Party ticket?

LP Monday Message: Building & 40th anniversary celebration

November 28, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Please contribute to our building fund.

I want to thank all 328 donors who have given or pledged a total of $201,219. Of that total, $111,644 has been collected and $89,575 is in the form of pledges to be collected later.

At this point, we have not committed to a specific property to purchase, or too a specific time to make a purchase. We plan to continue raising funds so we'll have more for a down payment.

LP Monday Message: Building in jeopardy

November 21, 2011

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am serious when I tell you the LNC is on the verge of pulling the plug on the office we're looking at.

I hope to raise $30,000 more as soon as possible, just to help convince the rest of the LNC it is worth going forward.

I hope 100 of you will donate another $300 each as soon as possible.

Update: 54 donors yesterday - please help!

Dear Libertarian Party supporter,

Yesterday, 54 people contributed $4,685.00 online for the office building townhouse. That's almost $100 each.

Please go to our building fund page and make a generous donation. Please donate $1,000 if you can. $100 would be helpful as well.

So far we've raised $157,859 in donations and pledges toward buying an office building townhouse in Old Town Alexandria near DC.

Urgent help needed for new LPHQ building

Dear Libertarian Party supporter,

I need your help reaching a fundraising milestone to keep our hopes for purchasing a building alive.

As I mentioned in a previous message, the lease on our national Libertarian Party headquarters is up at the end of February 2012, and the landlord has indicated they'll be raising the rates 10% to almost $140,000 per year.


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