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Johnson Campaign Asks D.C. Federal Court to Intervene in Presidential Debates, Citing Polling Fallacy

Argues Former New Mexico Governor Has Met Criteria

Libertarian Barbara Howe Running Hard for Governor in NC

Barbara Howe, Libertarian for Governor in North Carolina, is running hard – literally – to get out her message. She has completed 94 separate 5k runs since announcing her candidacy earlier this year and is just six away from her goal.

Paul Ryan Republican Budget Plan Hikes Tax Collections 88%, Increases Federal Spending 35%, ADDS $4 Trillion to National Debt

Take a look at Paul Ryan's own numbers on the Republican budget plan (first slide, S1).

Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" Budget Plan:

1) Almost DOUBLES Federal Government Tax Collections from $2.444 Trillion to $4.601 Trillion. A $2.157 Federal Tax Collection Increase. An 88% Tax Collection Increase.

Mainstream Media: Libertarians Could Change Outcome of Elections

Mainstream media news outlets are starting to talk about the impact that both Libertarian for President, two-term Governor Gary Johnson and several Libertarian U.S. Senate campaigns may have in determining the outcome of the election.

Front Page New York Times October 14: Spoiler Alert! G.O.P. Fighting Libertarian’s Spot on the Ballot

NH Libertarian Selectman and Former Candidate for State House Runs for Congress

After losing his first race for Board of Selectmen in Seabrook, New Hampshire in 2006, Libertarian Brendan Kelly ran again in 2007 and won, defeating the sitting Chair of the Board. He then won his reelection in 2010 and is now Chair.

Maine Libertarian for US Senate getting visibility

Maine Libertarian Andrew Ian Dodge will appear in all six US Senate debates between October 17 and November 3 and participates in numerous candidate forums across the state. He has been featured in news stories that ran on the local Fox TV affiliate and Maine Public Broadcasting Network and is scheduled to be featured on the state affiliates for NBC and CW Television Network.

Connecticut Libertarian for Congress Seeks Reductions in Government Education, Agriculture and Military

Having run twice as a write-in candidate in Connecticut’s second congressional district, this year Libertarian Dan Reale is officially on the ballot - and campaigning hard.

He sees an opportunity in growing voter disapproval of the two major parties which refuse to tackle the ballooning national debt and creeping tax hikes.

PA Libertarian Councilman Running in 2-Way for State Rep

Two years ago, when Libertarian Erik Viker ran for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 85th District, he received nearly 10 percent of the vote in a 3-way race and beat the Democrat candidate in three precincts. This year he will likely receive more votes running in a 2-way race against the Republican incumbent, State Representative Fred Keller.

Huffington Post: Let Gov. Gary Johnson Debate

The day after the first debate, Huffington Post columnist Brian LaSorsa explains the five reasons why Gov. Gary Johnson should be included in debates.


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