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Nevada Assistant State Controller switches to LP

Geoffrey Lawrence
Geoffrey Lawrence

Geoffrey Lawrence, the Nevada Assistant State Controller, switched his affiliation to the Libertarian Party.

Lawrence made the announcement during a speech delivered at the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld rally in Reno, NV on August 5.

San Antonio Libertarians interviewed on CBS-TV affiliate

ImageSeveral members of the San Antonio, Texas Libertarian Party were briefly interviewed on KENS channel 5, the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, on August 11.

Those interviewed were County Chair Gil Robinson and County Commissioners Court Candidate Jason Pipoly, as well as three other local members, Cassie Villela, Arthur Thomas and Laura Valle.

Politico: Clinton-Trump debate sites plan for a third podium

ImageFrom Politico on August 9:

The venues that will host the presidential debates are drawing up plans for a three-person forum that would provide a lectern for a third-party candidate to stand on stage next to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Former NJ state treasurer supporting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff

Former New Jersey state treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff​ announced on August 9 that he is supporting the Libertarian Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, Gary Johnson and William Weld, this November.

Dick Morris: Gary Johnson Could Make Debates, Be Major Factor in Race

ImageFrom Newsmax on August 3:

“To qualify for inclusion in the fall presidential debates, a candidate needs at least 15 percent in the national polls.

“Libertarian Gary Johnson is now at 7.4 percent in the average of recent polls, up from 4.5 percent June 13.

“As popular discontent with both of the major party candidates spreads, the chances that Johnson will reach the threshold obviously increase.

Minnesota Public Radio: Libertarians in the limelight

MPRnews logoLibertarian National Committee chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio on August 9.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Hiring Libertarian packaging interns

The Libertarian National Committee is seeking to hire an intern or two for the Fall semester, but preferably someone who can start working right away.

Huffington Post: American Military Personnel Looking In Libertarian Direction For The Election

ImageFrom Doug Bandow in the Huffington Post on August 9:

"Newly anointed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump wasted no time in criticizing the foreign policy legacy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. For decades the GOP has claimed to uniquely represent American military personnel.

LP on the ballot in Massachusetts

ImageLibertarian Party 2016 presidential and vice presidential candidates Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld are on the ballot in Massachusetts.

The office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts verified that the ballot drive headed by Libertarian Cris Crawford produced 12,587 signatures, 100% of which have been certified as valid by elections officials. 10,000 are required to be on the ballot.

LP on the ballot in New Jersey and Washington

ImageImageThe Libertarian Party 2016 presidential and vice presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are on the ballot in 38 states, as the states of New Jersey and Washington confirmed that the petitions submitted were successful.

The Libertarian Party remains on track to be on the ballot in all 50 states plus DC.


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