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Libertarian Party Response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Arvin Vohra, Libertarian Vice ChairClick here to view the Libertarian Party response to President Barack Obama's 2015 State of the Union address


Press Release

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Lawmakers and Silk Road investigators, prosecutors are the real perps


Nicholas J. Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:

The Libertarian Party calls for dismissal of the unfounded criminal charges against alleged Silk Road founder and operator Ross Ulbricht, whose trial is set to begin tomorrow, and for the resignation of the New York prosecutors who trumped up charges against an innocent man.

Silk Road is a website that allows its users to maintain their privacy while trading goods and services by using Tor, an open network that protects anonymity, and the digital currency Bitcoin for payment.

Because the site is alleged to accommodate the buying and selling of illegal drugs, prosecutors have charged Ulbricht with a slew of crimes: narcotics trafficking, computer hacking, money laundering, engaging in a criminal enterprise, and conspiracy to traffic in fraudulent IDs.

The prosecution has failed to identify a single victim of any of the alleged offenses.

This trial grossly oversteps the bounds of a properly limited government: one that protects the lives, liberty and property of its citizens against perpetrators who would do them harm – and no more.

The perpetrators in this case are the FBI, which shut down Silk Road and may have illegally hacked the site, and New York prosecutors involved in this case.

Their immediate target is Ross Ulbricht. Their ultimate target is every American whose rights are threatened by this attempt to expand government control over the Internet and to violate individual liberties.

Attorney and Simple Justice blogger Scott Greenfield notes the freedoms that are at stake in this trial:

  • ‘If Ulbricht is convicted, it opens the door for the censure and erosion of a free Internet. Under present law, website hosts are not held responsible in civil cases for illegal actions on their sites. This case could set precedent and open the door to criminal liability for web hosts.
  • ‘A US citizen’s constitutional rights are being violated with vague allegations that do not cite specific crimes, a violation of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the US Constitution.  In addition, his Fourth Amendment rights have been violated with illegal warrants and searches and seizures lacking any warrant. If the government can misapply the law against Ulbricht, it can do it to any of us.
  • ‘In its documents, the government equates the desire for privacy (use of Tor for example) with criminal intent.
  • ‘This case represents the first challenge to the government’s attempt to expand the money laundering statute to include digital currency.’

The prosecution may have further breached Ulbricht’s rights by inserting into the case allegations that he was involved in the planning of several homicides, even though no homicides or attempted homicides are charged as part of this case.

Discussing uncharged allegations of violent conduct appears to be a deliberate attempt to smear Mr. Ulbricht and prejudice the jury against him with accusations they know they can’t prove.

The attacks against Ulbricht are the work of a stubborn political class that refuses to acknowledge the utter failure of the Drug War. Dangerous drug use continues unabated since President Nixon declared his ‘War on Drugs’ in 1971.

In addition to dismissing the charges against Ulbricht, the Libertarian Party calls for:

  • Scaling back the FBI. When a government agency abuses its power, it needs to be downsized.
  • Downsizing all U.S. spy agencies. Their excessive size, spending and scope have led to abuses such as the Silk Road case.
  • Cutting total government spending commensurate with these cuts – so politicians don’t use the proceeds for new wars or injustices perpetrated on the American people
  • An immediate end to the failed War on Drugs

Whereas drugs, like alcohol and many pharmaceuticals, can be harmful to those who take them, the Drug Prohibition is far more dangerous. It encourages excessive drug use and more potent drugs. It demonizes and incarcerates people who have harmed no one else. It discourages labeling, testing and other responsible behaviors of free market merchants.

Worst of all, the Drug Prohibition, like the Alcohol Prohibition of the 1920s, provokes horrific and widespread violence in the U.S. and abroad.

We must stop harassing and criminalizing innocent Americans and go after the real perps: politicians who refuse to repeal bad laws and power-seeking government employees and agencies that violate individual rights.

To learn more about this case, visit http://freeross.org/

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Libertarian Party calls for shutting down CIA, criminal prosecutions

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas J. Sarwark released the following statement today:

"The CIA’s practice of torture confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Report released on December 9 shows the agency engaged in reprehensible and illegal behaviors that were, in effect, war crimes.

"The CIA and politicians redacted the bulk of the government’s report, which remains withheld from public view. One can only speculate as to the additional horrors that lie within the rest of the report, given the gravity of what was revealed.

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Libertarian Party: Stop deceiving Americans with the term 'government shutdown'

It’s a government slowdown, not a shutdown.

If you read this Libertarian news release, yet continue to use the term “government shutdown” in news reports, then you’re willfully deceiving the American people.

News media commonly warns that a “government shutdown” will result if there’s a breakdown in funding negotiations between Democratic and Republican politicians. But there is no pending “government shutdown.”

Nor has there ever been anything close to a “government shutdown” in modern American history.

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An open letter from Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark to Sen. Rand Paul

Dear Sen. Paul,

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Why your Libertarian vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4, is worth 100 times the other guy's vote

Political leverage! Libertarian Party candidates have it in 2014 — IF YOU VOTE Libertarian.

Why? Unlike the Democratic and Republican candidates, our Libertarian Party candidates for public office have one rock-solid issue — and a clear, powerful message.

Our rock-solid issue: To dramatically expand and advance individual liberty in America.

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100% guaranteed-accurate election prediction announced

Libertarian PartyToday, Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark released the following statement:

Libertarians offer the following prediction, which is 100 percent guaranteed to be accurate with zero statistical probability of error:

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Oligarchy wins. Kentucky loses.

LP KentuckyLibertarians suffered a major setback in their lawsuit against KET on Saturday. David Patterson, the Libertarian candidate for United States Senate, will not be allowed to participate in Monday's debate.

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Libertarians sue Kentucky public television for First Amendment violation

A federal constitutional lawsuit, filed today against Kentucky Educational Television in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, stems from its new exclusionary policy regarding public debates, eliminating Libertarian participation. The plaintiffs in the case are Libertarian David Patterson's campaign for U.S. Senate, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky, and the Libertarian National Committee.

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President Obama starts another war in violation of Constitution

President Barack Obama has taken the United States to war, now in Syria and Iraq, in violation of the U.S. Constitution — just as he did in Libya in 2011.

"Whatever differences they may claim, Democratic and Republican politicians are aligned when it comes to foreign meddling," said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. "President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush both resort to war in the end."


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