Nick Taiber

City Council, Iowa

Election Date: June 3, 2009


Cedar Falls, IA

About the Candidate: 

Nick Taiber runs for city council at large

NickPhoto Cedar Falls is a great place to live, and keeping it great requires initiative, fresh thinking, and a willingness to listen to ideas from everyone. I will bring unique perspective, bountiful energy, and careful leadership to the Cedar Falls City Council.

When Molly and I chose to return to the Cedar Valley, we surveyed all cities in the area to determine the best fit for the needs of our family. Cedar Falls stood out for its Quality of Life - schools, recreation, culture, low taxes, beauty, faith options, and city services. Clearly, Cedar Falls is a reflection of community values, citizen commitment, and excellent leadership.

There are great opportunities for our city. While everyone's vision for Quality of Life is different and its direct measure subjective, stable or increasing property values reflect robust demand - more is right than wrong and Quality of Life must be good.  It is the duty of elected officials to listen and lead, to implement policy and actions, to respect rights of citizens and property, to serve Quality of Life. 

But there are many needs competing for a scarce resource to improve our Quality of Life - the tax dollar.  I will strive to lower our taxes, to be the city's best steward of city revenues, and to use resources and assets in a manner of greatest return to the citizens of Cedar Falls.