Kenneth "Tim" Hampton

U.S. Representative, District 4, Mississippi

Election Date: July 7, 2009



About the Candidate: 

The great state of Mississippi is proud to announce our candidate for the 2010 Congressional elections.  Kenneth "Tim" Hampton is going to run for the Congressional seat in District 4 of Mississippi.  The seat is currently held by four-time District 4 incumbent (and District 5 incumbent before that from 1989-2003) Gene Taylor (D).  District 4 is in South Mississippi and includes the large cities of Hattiesburg (The University of Southern Mississippi, and William Carey University), Laurel,  Biloxi, and Gulfport.

Tim is a lifelong resident of Hattiesburg and staunch supporter of libertarian principles.  Even though he's only been a formal member of the Libertarian Party for a few years, he's been a philosophical libertarian for most of his life.  He believes that the government has become broken and that the only reliable way to fix it is to elect brand-new people to Congress who aren't in the pockets of special interest groups and Washington lobbyists.  Tim supports a restoration of the Constitution's importance from the top-down in our government.  He also advocates government, education, and tax reform.

Tim is up against a difficult battle against the 20-year incumbent Congressman Taylor, but a battle that can be won.  He needs the help of the national, state, and local Libertarian parties and grassroots organizations.  For more information about how you can help, contact our campaign manager at: