Bart Gadau

US House 8, Indiana

Election Date: May 18, 2012



Phone: (812) 305-0842
About the Candidate: 

Public Education - I believe that the education of our children is best left up to parents, choosing from private, free market schooling programs which have to be competitive and show results in order to survive and be profitable. However, if we are to continue with public education, it is necessary for us to eliminate the Department of Education and leave education up to the state and local governments where the citizens of the community have a role and a say in how their children are learning.

Property Taxes/Income Taxes/Sales Taxes - The government has no right to tax something that I own. I have no problem paying my fair share of taxes, but I believe the government should establish a budget for the year, detailing where the money is going to be spent, and where the taxes are going to come from. I also believe that taxes should coincide with how the money is spent, i.e. money spent on road improvements should come from taxes directly related to road travel.

Government Spending - Government spending is ridiculously out of control. Again, the government should be forced to establish a budget each year, detailing where money is going, and how we are to be taxed to pay for each item. If people could actually see where the money is being spent and how much, they would be much more likely to hold government accountable.

Healthcare/Medicare – Government just needs to get out of the way when it comes to healthcare. Once that happens, prices will drop drastically, making it affordable for most people. Others could then be easily covered by the thousands of churches and non for profit organizations, which are better set up to help individuals in their own communities.

Welfare – Welfare is fine, provided it is done by individuals using their own money and resources. The government has no right to take wealth from one person and give to another as they see fit. And let’s be honest, we all know the government does not manage anything well. A majority of the taxes collected by the government to help our citizens is blown on special interest groups, and general government bureaucracy. If taxpayers are able to keep that money, then they can donate as much of it as they see fit, and can allocate it to the individuals or organizations they see fit.