Brad Klopfenstein

Lieutenant Governor, Indiana

Election Date: May 18, 2012



Phone: 317-442-4061
About the Candidate: 

Brad Klopfenstein has been an influential leader in Indiana’s public policy and political community for the past 13 years. His areas of expertise include the alcohol industry, gambling, election law, energy, health care, immigration, media relations and crisis management.

As owner of Magna Carta Public Affairs, and more recently the head of the Tavern League of Indiana, Klopfenstein has conducted grassroots & grass top campaigns on a number of issues, and has a proven ability to work with elected officials from all political parties. This is shown in his ability to tackle both controversial and mundane issues and deliver legislative success to his clients. Some of those successes include:

  • Advocated for and passed expanded Sunday & Election Day alcohol sales for bars in Indiana
  • Successfully defeated smoking bans locally in Indianapolis and statewide throughout Indiana
  • Organized coalition that legalized pull tab gambling in Indiana
  • Built coalition of veterans who support the Keystone XL Pipeline project
  • Defeated proposed increases in alcohol and food & beverage taxes