Calen Fretts

US House 1, Florida

Election Date: May 25, 2012



Phone: (850) LIB-0042
About the Candidate: 

Opposes $2,000,000,000,000+ (over two trillion dollars) debt ceiling increase (over $6,666 new debt for every man, woman, and child in America).
Opposes un-Constitutional, failed "Super committee".
Opposes NDAA (allows President Obama to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial).
Opposes PATRIOT Act (allows federal government to spy on you and wiretap your communications without a warrant).
Opposes TSA naked-body radiation scanners and invasive body searches by federal agents.
Opposes federal Planned Parenthood/Title X funding.
Opposes No Child Left Behind, one of the largest federal Department of Education expansions (and failures) in history.
Opposes establishment Republican healthcare plan to "replace" Obamacare with a different version of government healthcare, including the government-imposed "Pre-Existing Conditions" mandate.
Opposes Charlie Rangel's $192B anti-recession stimulus spending bill.
Opposes REAL ID Act (national ID placing sensitive individual information in nationally accessible government databases).
Opposes billions in U.N. funding.
Understands that veterans did not fight for endless debt and violations of the Constitution.
Stands with the people of Northwest Florida, the United States, and America's Founding Fathers.
Will support and defend United States Constitution above all else.