David Staples

Public Service Commission, District 5, Georgia

Election Date: July 20, 2012



About the Candidate: 

The number one issue in this race is ethics. Ethics is a non-partisan issue that everyone should agree on. When a Commissioner receives $10,000 in campaign contributions from the very attorneys presenting a case on behalf of a utility two days before that case is voted on, how can anyone assume that the Commissioner is going to be fair and unbiased? When a majority of a Commissioner’s campaign contributions come from the executives, lobbyists and attorneys of the very entities they are charged with regulating, how is that not a conflict of interest? When a Commissioner accepts $14,000 in gifts in just their current term, how are we supposed to believe that they remain neutral? Would you be surprised to find out that all of this describes the current incumbent of 18 years? It is time for a change in Georgia. On November 6th, I urge voters to say “enough is enough” by voting for David Staples. Together we can change how business is done at the Public Service Commission.