James Stanczak

US House 29, Texas

Election Date: May 17, 2012



Phone: 281-608-2751
Web: http://www.jameyusa.com
Email: falconfriend@gmail.com
About the Candidate: 

James writes, “If you want someone in Washington who thinks like you and respects you as a free individual American, then you will want to vote for me. I believe in using the fruits of the American accomplishment, workforce, creativity, products and diversity to make the people of our nation happier, stronger, and capable of success. I insist on handing down the promise of freedom that my grandfathers and ancestors fought for to insure that existence for our children. As a small business owner, you can assure yourself that I will fight for you. As a medical student I support both Eastern and Western medicine and believe that together we can achieve great benefits by incorporating them together into our mainstream healthcare system. We all know someone who is having a difficult time affording their cost of living, dealing with medical issues, and finding a good job. I will fight to lower taxes, lower the cost of living, open new industry, and bring back the American Dream.