Jessica Paxton

US House 1, Arkansas

Election Date: April 20, 2012



Phone: (901) 488-0740
About the Candidate: 

Jessica grew up in a one red light town in rural Tennessee. The daughter of a public school teacher and an oil field worker, Jessica has lived the average American life since birth -no silver spoons, no trust fund and no politically powerful family ties. Just like you. She is an average Arkansan – a wife, a mother and a small business owner. She is an average Arkansan who wants to represent and protect average citizens from our corrupt, dominant and inefficient government.

After studying Public Relations at the University of Memphis, Jessica moved to Marion and married Rodger Paxton, a Network Administrator, who was born and raised in West Memphis. In Marion they are homeschooling two beautiful little boys. When Reagan (6) grows up, he would like to create Alien video games, and Grayson (4) plans to be a cowboy.

In 2009, Jessica was appointed Communications Director and Convention Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas. In 2010 the Executive Committee honored her as “Libertarian of the Year” at the LPAR’s yearly convention. Jessica then served as interim First District Representative before returning to her role as Media Director. In 2011 she assisted with the LPAR’s ballot access efforts, which led to a successful petition drive and the historic accomplishment of establishing a new political party in Arkansas.