Joe Edgar

State Representative, 48th District, Texas

Election Date: May 21, 2012



Phone: 512-807-8065
About the Candidate: 

Joe Edgar is a successful entrepreneur, small business owner and entrepreneur who knows how private industry works, while also understanding the public involvement. Joe is an active member of the Austin City Chamber and of the Central Texas Angel Network, the leading regional investor group that invests private funds into local start-up companies. As one of 11 children raised on a Native American Reservation, Joe understands what many in our community are experiencing- very limited financial resources and a lack of opportunities. He also spent two years living with the indigenous Aboriginal communities in the Australian Outback as a full time volunteer. In Austin, Joe and his family are very active in supporting programs for the elderly and families in need. And as a strong advocate for financial independence, Joe also supports and volunteers his time and expertise at a local tax center, filing tax returns for low-income families and teaching financial literacy. Joe Edgar earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with honors, from the University of Oregon and attended the University of Texas to study Mathematics. He is the fortunate husband of a brilliant wife and father of four wonderful children. He and his family are committed members of their neighborhood association and their local church community.