Kevin Bryan

State Representative, 16th District, Utah

Election Date: April 23, 2012



About the Candidate: 

We need to ensure that people are able to keep as much of their own money as possible. The government should not take the fruits of someone's labor without their consent. If we are going to have an income tax, it needs to be a flat tax, so that everyone is abused equally, rather than a progressive tax as I have seen some advocate. However, I would like to get away from the income tax as much as possible, since a person's money should not be taken from them before they've even seen it. I would prefer other revenues such as a sales tax (one kept as low as possible) as at least there would be some semblance of choice there. I also like the idea of relying upon user fees as much as possible, wherein you pay when you use a government service. That way those who are not using a particular aspect of government are not being forced to fund it. I am opposed to “sin taxes” or taxes created for the supposed purpose of getting someone to stop using a certain product, such as the tobacco tax.