Kim Allen

US House 1, Arizona

Election Date: July 6, 2012



Phone: (520) 450-0385
About the Candidate: 

As a Libertarian, I support civil liberties including minority rights, gay rights and gay marriage, women’s rights, immigrant rights, prisoner rights, civil rights and the bill of rights. I oppose torture, oppose illegal imprisonment and oppose extraordinary renditions. I support separation of church and state. I oppose the erosion of rights against search and seizure and asset forfeitures that have accompanied the war on drugs. I support freedom of information and I oppose the deceptively titled Patriot Act.

America has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s prisoners. Drug prohibition has created illicit markets, empowered gangs, terrorists and drug cartels, resulted in widespread violations of our rights against search and seizure, resulted in massive corruption, overburdened our criminal justice system and contributed to the highest incarceration rate on earth. Our drug war has cost an estimated $1 trillion dollars in the 40 years since it was declared in 1971. There is no policy in the United States that is more discriminatory against minorities or the less affluent. Our policy is the cause of widespread violence and death in Mexico and many other countries. Meanwhile, drug use has flourished. Law enforcement is faced with the impossible task of fighting against the law of supply and demand. They might as well be trying to defy the law of gravity. I support the position of the Global Commission on Drug Policy that we need to end the criminalization of drugs and focus on harm reduction.

Our economy is suffocating from decades of massive deficit spending on programs which do more harm than good. We need to stop wasting tax dollars on foreign military intervention, corporate bailouts and failed programs like the war on drugs. America has spent trillions of dollars on policies that make us less safe and on policies that compete with domestic businesses for capital necessary for job growth and prosperity. Deficit spending on these programs erodes the value of the dollar and reduces the standard of living for all Americans. I support policies that facilitate free enterprise with limited taxation and regulation. I oppose policies that waste tax dollars on the seemingly unlimited needs of the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex and Wall Street. We need to end government subsidies to businesses and end government selection of winners and losers in the economy.