Marc Victor

US Senate, Arizona

Election Date: August 2, 2012



Phone: (480) 304-1296
About the Candidate: 

I support a free and voluntary society. Free people choose to define and pursue their happiness in different ways. Government has no role dictating to free people how they ought to run their lives. I believe that being an “American” is much more than simply a description about where a person lives. It is about a state of mind. Being an American is supposed to be about an attitude. It is an attitude which values freedom and individual responsibility. An American attitude involves self ownership; being in charge of your body, your money and your time. In short, an American attitude is about defining your own happiness and being free to pursue it wherever it leads so long as it intrudes on no other person. Americans ought to be free to engage in whatever voluntary transactions they seek to engage in with any other competent adults. There should be no legal restrictions on one’s right to voluntarily interact with another competent adult.

It is the legitimate role of government to protect the rights of competent adults to define and pursue their happiness in any non-coercive way they see fit. Government acts legitimately when it acts as the agent of a person to do what the person could themselves legally do. Americans are free to adopt, reject or create any moral code they see fit so long as it does not intrude on the rights of others. Government sets legal boundaries; not moral boundaries. It is the option of free people to determine their moral code for themselves. As such, government ought to be strictly limited to protecting the rights of people to live free from coercion.

We no longer have a government of limited powers. Rather, we have a government constrained only by the laws of physics. As we have seen with the United States Constitution, virtually anything can be justified as consistent with those words by those who interpret them. All governments seek to expand their power and jurisdiction. Indeed, the founding fathers were well aware of this problem. Despite their best efforts to create a government which was strictly limited in scope, over time our government has grown far more intrusive than the British government under King George III at the time of the American Revolution. We have lost our way as Americans.

I advocate for freedom in all circumstances, at all times, and for all people. It is impossible to know me at all without knowing of my deep and absolute commitment to advancing the case for human liberty. It could be said my mission in life is promoting individual rights and responsibilities, free markets, and the sovereignty of the individual. The absolute right to define and peacefully pursue one’s happiness is of utmost importance to me.
I believe it is the very nature of what it means to be an American. I will not be modifying or watering down any of my long held pro-freedom positions to make them more palatable to some voter who prefers coercion. I am focused solely on promoting freedom and wherever that road leads is where I will go.